Women and Anal Sex

Anal sex is the most dangerous form of unprotected sex. Always practice safe sex.

anal sexBy: seductionsextravel

Do women enjoy anal sex?

A lot of men fantasize about having anal sex. Let’s find out whether women like it or not.

It is important that you understand that every human being and therefore every woman is different. This is also true in regards to anal sex. Every woman has different sexual preferences and anal sex is nothing more than a sexual preference.

Orgasms During Anal Sex

On the one hand, many women think they don’t like anal sex because they are biased about it. They are afraid that it hurts or that there can be some nasty incidents concerning the hygiene. Most of the time those beliefs are based on ideas from someone else and more often than not these are just baseless fears.

On the other hand, a lot of women enjoy anal sex and some of them even have orgasms during anal sex without even stimulating their vagina or their clitoris. That’s because there are a lot of nerves around the anal region that can cause pleasure for a woman when they are stimulated in the right way.

By seducing and having sex with quite a few women I observed that more women are open to anal sex and really enjoy anal sex. Another interesting thing is that from those women who enjoyed anal sex, those who literally loved it; just a small percentage admitted this sexual preference at various stages of our relationship.

In my opinion it is a fact that a lot more women enjoy anal sex and love to have a dick in their beautiful ass than you think. But why don’t women just tell you honestly when they are into anal sex and why do they pretend that they find it disgusting or demeaning?


Social Conditioning and the Joy of Anal Sex

Now we come back to the good old social conditioning. It is not a coincidence that a few decades ago nearly no woman wanted to experience anal sex and that suddenly more and more women are interested in getting their ass fucked. What a miracle!

The reason for this is not an accidental change in preferences but a change in the way our society looks at sex and at having anal sex. A few years ago anal sex was an absolute taboo topic and talking about or even having it was absolutely inappropriate.

No wonder every woman pretended that they hated it. What they did, and still do behind closed doors is another story.

Even if our society opened up to sexual preferences like oral sex or anal sex it is still not ladylike to talk about it or to admit that you enjoy it as a woman. I bet you have heard some of your male friends saying things like: “Look at her booty. I just want to fuck her ass.” On the other hand I bet you haven’t heard things like: “Look at his dick. I just want to feel it inside my ass.” from your best female friend.

All I can say is that there are a hell of a lot women out there who fantasize about having anal sex. Maybe the innocent looking girl you just had your first date with fantasized about having your penis inside her ass while she was talking about her passion for cute animal stickers.

Have fun finding all the women out there who enjoy anal sex. There are a lot!