4 Little Black Box Must-Haves

sex toys
Every woman should be in charge of her sexual pleasure, and this type of control is delivered through exploration of her sexual anatomy. Using certain sexual aids during self-exploration can facilitate in bringing on intense orgasms and a deeper understanding of how the sexual organs work. Having a little black box or a bag to store sexy accessories in is a great way to keep personal pleasure products stored and hidden away from visitors or family members, and there are seven must have products that every woman should include within it. Each woman is different and certain products may or may not appeal to her interest, but of these seven products there is at least one that is bound to capture her salacity.

Massage Oils
Massage oils are little black box necessity as they play a major role in the foreplay process. There are a variety of oils on the market, all with different scents, qualities and functions. Some are flavored using artificial favors to make the skin tasty, while others are made from natural herbs used as a form of aromatherapy to facilitate in relaxation.

Bondage Tape
Felling a little kinky? Bondage tape is a great additive to the little black box as a beginner’s guide to bondage and kink play. This tape is available in a variety of colors and widths.

Silent Vibrator
Clitoral stimulation is necessary for a woman to experience an orgasm. Having a silent clitoral vibrator in this little box of sexual goodies is a must have in order for a woman to have a control over her orgasms. Many women have never experienced and orgasm and many never will without proper exploration of self or stimulation of the clitoris with a partner. Bringing this silent pleasure seeker into the bedroom is a great way for couples to ensure an orgasm for both people involved.

Massage Candles
Massage candles not only create ambiance but double as a warm massage oil to use on the body during foreplay. A woman can’t go wrong with having one or two of these in her collection.

These are obviously my personal 4 must-haves, but don’t be afraid to explore your own must-haves by doing some of your own research. Complete adult aid pleasure sets are the way to go if you want a one-and-done package, without the hassle of finding individual items. Just don’t forget to use what works for you, as you may prefer one item over the other.

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