How Your Sexual Discovery Doesn’t Have to End When Your Relationship Does

Keep on exploring your sexual desires with or without a partner

Just because you have gained ‘single’ status doesn’t necessarily mean your sex life is down the pan. There are plenty of ways you can keep you passion ignited without a partner!

So you’ve recently come out of a relationship and you feel like your sex life is well and truly over, right? Wrong, oh how very wrong you are! There is so much out there that’s waiting to be discovered when you’re newly single. Here, we take a look at several ways you can still get your kicks without a partner in tow.

Explore Your Body

You might think that you know what you like better than anyone, which is true to a certain degree. But if you haven’t tried something, how do you know it’s not for you? Take some time out and explore your body. Touch and feel your way around and go where you have never been before! Not only are you likely to experience a new kind of pleasure, you will begin to learn what you want from someone else. Next time you have an erotic encounter, you will have the confidence to be assertive and direct them to the right areas (and let’s face it, sometimes people do need a little direction!).

Treat Yourself to a New Toy

There are hundreds of thousands of sex toys available on the market today, all which have been designed to buzz and tickle all the right bits for exceptional satisfaction. Some are more expensive than others, but in most cases you do get what you pay for. This is definitely true when it comes to LELO. This brand is one of the most trusted in the industry and is renowned for its innovative and alternative toy designs. Its products may look a little strange, but they are all created with a sleek, professional edge and dispel all images of traditionally ‘garish’ sex toys. The thing is, though, you won’t give a damn what they look like when you are reaching a climax like no other, and the Lelo Ora will help you achieve just that as it perfectly mimics the feeling of oral sex. See, who needs a partner when you have a little pleasure gem like this waiting for you in your top drawer?

Naughty Online ‘Dating’

Yes, you’ll come across many standard dating websites full to the brim with people looking for ‘the one’, but if you have just got out of a relationship, I am guessing you aren’t on a mission to find ‘the one’ just yet and are looking for a little fun. Thankfully, there are alternative websites out there which are full of likeminded people looking to hook-up. They are usually free to sign up to and the beauty of these types of dating website is that you know for sure everyone has joined for the same reason. You can chat, send pictures and video call, and if you are daring enough, you can meet up for hot, passionate no-strings sex. You don’t have to go on there with the intention of meeting up for casual encounters – you can simply choose to try your hand at a little cybersex. Discover what your chat partner likes and see if your fantasies are compatible, then chat away ‘til the early hours! You never know, you could end up realizing that you are the next Jackie Collins or E. L. James!

Long Live Your Sex Life!

Panic over! Your libido will not go without! There are plenty of ways to keep your sex life ignited, and you may even prefer your solitary experiences. Don’t be shy, get out there and explore your fantasies, itch those scratches, and if someone won’t do the pleasuring for you, do it yourself! Deep down, we all know we can do the job better anyway.
Andrew Jones is the Founder of Naughty Giggles, an online sex shop that stocks an extensive range of adult toys for men and women and ensures a discreet service at all times.