5 Common Beliefs About Sex That Aren’t True

blackcouplewithflowerWe’ve all the heard the saying that men think about sex every eight seconds. What most people don’t know, however, is that there is absolutely no evidence to support this. In fact, if men thought about sex that much, they would think about sex more than they would take a breath in. Just think about that for a second – how is that even possible?

But this isn’t the only commonly held misconception about sex. There are many – some just as ludicrous, and others which are potentially dangerous if they are to be believed.

Allow us to blow some urban myths about sex completely out of the water for you:

There is a Direct Correlation Between Foot Size and Penis Size

This is a made-up theory, and one which men horsing around generally like to tease each either with. Just because a man has big (or small) feet, does not mean they have a big (or small) penis. The two things are not in correlation with each other. The same goes for hand-size-to-penis comparisons too.

Condoms Spoil the Mood

It’s a common (and frankly rather worrying) misconception about condoms, that they are fiddly to put on, spoil the moment, and are therefore not worth bothering with. However, they are incredibly easy to put on once you’ve got the hang of them – and with a little practice it’s easy to slide them on with the other person barely even noticing. Even if you do find them to be a slight inconvenience, STIs, which can require antibiotic medication or lengthy and invasive treatment in some cases, are generally considered to be much more of an inconvenience. So do the right thing, and rubber up.

You Can Tell if You Have an STD

Not always. STIs don’t always mean unsightly blemishes and oozing discharge. Some are symptomless, so even though you may not be displaying any effects of an infection, you may still be carrying one. Use contraception, and if you are generally sexually active with more than one person, get tested regularly. Before having sex with your partner, you should always talk to each other about your sexual history. If you think you may have an STI or come into contact with one, don’t put others at risk – talk to your doctor about being tested and seek treatment right away.

Sex with the Same Person Always Gets Boring

Sex in a monogamous relationship can become familiar. But, like other facets of a relationship, it is one which needs attention and communication if it is to stay fresh. If you’re worried that your sex life with your partner is becoming stale, talk to each other and discuss solutions. For instance, if one person wants sex more than the other, masturbation may be able to help.

Most Women Tend Not to Masturbate

Not true. Women do masturbate. Some people, men and women both, prefer not to do it. But a large number of people do.

This article is written by Rick who works for UK Safe Meds as a qualified dispenser. When he’s not working, you can find him fishing with his generation old rod!