How To Turn A Woman On


There are unlimited ways to get a girl or woman in the “mood”. You can do it the old fashion way or your can be unique and come up with your own techniques. Let’s look at some methods of how to turn a girl on that I recommend.

The Right Setting:

The right place at the right time is how the old saying goes and with that echoing in your mind make sure the place you choose is going to be conducive to your goals. Having a girl over for dinner is always a good move, especially if you cook the meal yourself.

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If cooking is not your forte, have it catered. Italian food is always best and can include a few bottles of wine. Don’t buy takeaways, remember you’re are trying to turn the girl on not turn her off and a Big Mac dinner set from McDonald’s will indeed do that. The next step is to have your house or apartment clean.

Run a vacuum cleaner around the place and put any dirty laundry in the hamper. Make sure that the toilet and bathroom are clean – you don’t want the girl, when using the bathroom, to see any telling stains in the bowl. Next, set the table so that is resembles that of a plush restaurant; it’ll add to the ambiance.

The Lighting and Music:

Keep the lighting in the room low. Candles are good on the table and will help her relax. Make sure the kitchen light isn’t shining into the dining room; killing the atmosphere. If your living room is part of the dining area, make sure the entire room has soft lighting.

The kind of music you intend to play is also important. You’re going to kill the wonder of the evening if you juxtapose the Rolling Stones with James Taylor. Personally I’d have Cat Stevens’ “Tea for the Tillerman” album creating atmosphere during dinner.

Some people like to have classical music playing in the background. I believe, however, that it really depends on your dinner guest’s preference. If she is into Beethoven, Brahms and the music of other composers from two hundred years ago, then by all means let their tunes fill her ears. You may want to find out what kind of music she likes prior to the dinner.


What you talk about is equally as important as what you eat. Keep the conversation lively and up-beat. If, at the beginning of the evening, the conversation is heavy or deep, you’re either going to make her eat quickly and look for her coat or eat slowly and fall asleep through boredom.

Talk about things she likes – fashion, movies, things she is into and so forth. As host for the evening you should be constantly entertaining. Avoid lulls in the conversation and you can do this through humor and light banter.


Have enough booze ready. If she is a cocktail drinker, make sure there is enough of the drink she likes, in stock. You don’t want to be running out to a liquor store in the middle of the evening for another bottle of white wine. Alcohol is what will loosen up the evening.

After eating, move into the living room and sit together of the sofa. Make sure her glass is always full. This is probably the best time to change the CD. Ask her what she would like to hear. If she asks you to put on “One Direction”, swallow hard and put that boy group’s music on.

You may have to call it up on your computer. As the evening progresses so too should you. With the alcohol having its affect, you’ll know when it is time to make your advances on her. She will be expecting you to make the first move.

So, you have the ideal place, the ideal food, lighting and music the rest is, as they say, as easy as falling off a log. The ambiance alone will turn her on and the next morning you’ll wake up together in the same bed. How to turn a girl on? You now know.

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