How to Talk Dirty Without Ruining the Mood

 talk dirty

Whether it’s face to face or on the phone, talking dirty can be an incredibly exciting experience. But if you’re new to the idea of smattering your sex life with a few filthy and foul words then starting on the phone can be a great way to get yourself used to saying those out of bounds things! But how can you ensure that your sex chat runs smoothly without running into any hitches that will ruin the mood? Simply take a look at these top tips to find out!

1. Pick the Right Time

For flawless phone sex make sure you and the person you’re calling are alone and ready to talk. Find a quiet, comfortable spot and get into a relaxed position. Plan your chat time in advance so you can both be prepared.

2. Look Good, Feel Good

Your partner may not be able to see you but you’ll still feel sexier if you look good and get in the mood. Take a shower or hot bath before you start and wear something that makes you feel hot!

3. Set the Scene

Would you want to have sex with takeaway containers on the coffee table and the TV on full volume? Set the scene for your sex chat, make sure your place feels clean, tidy and welcoming.

4. Find Boundaries

Before you talk dirty, discuss with your partner where your boundaries lie. Or think about what you’ll do if your partner wants you to say something you’re not happy with.

5. Don’t Overthink

Don’t sit analysing the details of what you think you’ll say before you dial, try not to over think things and let the conversation happen naturally.

6. Start Turned On

Get in the mood before you start talking by imagining your dirtiest fantasy or thinking of the last time you had sex. That way your imagination will be running wild when you start talking.

7. Write Things Down

If you feel embarrassed about saying certain words or phrases then write them down and practice saying them out loud on your own. When you’re on the phone and you feel the urge to utter one of those hard to say words, just read it, it will feel much easier.

8. Find your Voice

Saying things to yourself out loud will also help you find your dirty talk voice. Try talking more slowly and in a slightly lower register.

9. Give Compliments

A good starting point is to compliment your partner and tell them what it is you like about them. Then tell them what part of their body you’ve been thinking about all day.

10. What to Talk About

If you’re stuck for things to talk about you can try one of these:

  1. Describe what you’re wearing and explain how each part of your body looks in the clothes. Ask what your partner is wearing and how it makes them feel.
  2. Talk about what you would like to do if your partner was there such as I wish you were kissing my neck right now or I’d be nibbling your earlobe if you were here.
  3. Try out these tips and you’ll be fully in the swing with sex chat and guarantee that your booty call goes off with a bang.

Author Bio:

Jenny Ainslie-Turner is one of the UK’s most prolific adult chat entrepreneurs and the founder of Jenny’s Extreme Chat.