Discreet Vibrators for Women

How to Pick Discreet Vibrators for Women- A Simplified Guide


Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s hard to find time for yourself, and friends and children constantly invade your privacy by looking through your stuff. How do you hide your toys from prying eyes? This is where uniquely designed and discreet sex toys come in handy. For ladies who love vibrators, there are some excellent models worth taking a look at.

Before you think that discreet vibrators are not worth the money, think again. Unlike most of the standard designs of vibrators, designs for the discreet ones are often quite unique. So, if you start looking for the right model in the market, you can find almost anything starting from lipstick shaped designs to the designs of a bottle. When you get one of these vibrators, you can simply keep them in the bag or even on the dresser without anyone suspecting anything. Unfortunately, discreet models are often not as powerful as their bigger counterparts, but many of them like some pocket rockets pack quite a punch.

You can pick one up as a gift for your lady so when you aren’t around, she can enjoy herself. Picking a vibrator among the lot is not going to be easy because there are so many choices. Don’t let the size tell you what to expect from a vibrator as even the smallest one may turn out to be the most powerful. Vibrators with varied speed and different modes can make it much more pleasurable than one that only has one speed. Try finding a vibrator that uses more batteries. This is normally an indicator of a more powerful vibrator.

There are some well reputed online stores where you can find discreet design vibrators of different kinds and shapes. Make sure that you explore all of the options before you choose one among all, or if you can try many different kinds until you find one that suits either yourself or your partner.

Author: The author is an expert sex counselor, who is currently working with vickysdickys.com with years of experience behind her on educating people on enhancing sex and pleasure. She is a strong advocator of sex toys and has some great tips to ensure couples make the most of their lovemaking times.