Sex Accidents Send Victims to ER Twice a Week


About twice a week, sometimes more often, Dr. Jordan Moskoff attends to a sex accident at his Chicago emergency room: objects stuck in places they shouldn’t be, broken penises caused by inept lovers and even severed organs they jokingly call “Lorena Bobbit” cases.

“[Penile] rings are really problems,” Moskoff told “That should be a public service announcement: Don’t use anything that doesn’t have a hinge or is not made of rubber, or it’s not coming off.”

In one unfortunate accident, the urologist sent someone in the middle of the night to Home Depot to get a special diamond-tipped saw to remove a man’s makeshift 8-inch steel ring.

“We actually had to have him sign a paper that we may cut his penis off,” said Moskoff, 40. “The guy was fine, but I am not sure everything was functional afterwards. Sparks were flying everywhere and we worried the curtains would catch fire.”

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