How A Thong Can Cause A Vaginal Infection


This article seeks to help you understand how and why a Thong (also called G-String, Tanga) can cause an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and other types of Vaginal Infections.

This information is especially valuable to women with recurrent vaginal infections & those who are emotionally unstable.

The Thong-Debate – Can A Thong Really Cause A Vaginal Infection

As with everything in life there are always two sides and two possible explanations.

Looking at the latest researches I cannot provide you with scientific studies that connects the wearing of thongs to UTI’s or other vaginal infection.

However, many gynecologists report that an increasing number of women wearing a thong suffer from urinary tract infection and other vaginal infections. One gynecologist stated:

“I would like to tell all women”, she said, “that wearing a thong has long-lasting health effects. It’s bad for the entire genital and perineal area.”

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