12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina


Don’t you think being a woman is great? I know I sure do! I love and embrace all the unique body parts we have that make us women. Women’s genitals specifically though, are not only very different from men’s, but can also differ in the way they look from woman to woman.

Know what your vagina looks like for health’s sake

Vaginas are not scary and are not to be looked at only at the time of washing. Don’t be shy because it is your body, and haven’t you ever wondered what it looks like down there? Well wondering, looking and feeling around (with clean hands) is a good thing and something that should be encouraged so you get to know what is normal and healthy for you. So that if something changes down there you know what is not healthy and when professional health should be found.

Women do not pee from their vagina

As a woman you have two ‘front’ holes if you like, one where your period comes from and where you have sex, and another where pee comes from. The latter is located right at the front of the vagina – below the clitoris and above the vaginal opening. The correct term is the ‘urethral opening’.

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