Supporting Your Man Through Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Every now and then, relationships find themselves driving down a bumpy road. Some issues are easily worked through, while others may take a little extra time and care to deal with. Erectile dysfunction is a common difficulty, yet most men refuse to speak of it. As his partner, you should understand the feelings he is faced with, and help bring him through this fragile time in his life.


Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

When any man is faced with problems in the bedroom, it affects him in a way most women can’t comprehend. Having an erectile dysfunction makes men feel they have lost some part of their masculinity. This feeling that they are now somehow less of a ‘man’ leads to serious emotional side effects.


Low Self-Esteem

Women aren’t the only ones who get feelings of insecurity in the bedroom. While women are concerned with their physical appearance, men often hold themselves at a high standard for sexual performance. When a man feels he hasn’t reached this standard, he begins to feel like a failure, which then leads to negative feelings even outside of the bedroom.



A man’s feeling of inadequacy and low self-esteem lead to deeper emotional problems, like depression. As most men are experts at hiding their feeling, it may be difficult to see the signs of depression in your man, so keep a watchful eye on him.


Physical Withdrawal

Along with low self-esteem and depression, your man may also begin to engage in less physical activity with you. This doesn’t just pertain to sexual activity, but also small things like cuddling or kissing. These two actions can often lead to sexual activity, which your partner is now trying to avoid, for he knows his erectile dysfunction may cause the mood to turn sour.


How You Can Help

Your partner’s erectile dysfunction doesn’t solely affect him; you two are a team, and should tackle the problem as such.


Learn as Much as You Possibly Can

Don’t begin this journey uneducated. Research everything there is to know about erectile dysfunction- symptoms, side effects, causes, treatments, etc. The more you know about the subject, the likelihood of you being surprised decreases.


Attend Every Doctor Appointment Possible

Show your support by accompanying him to every doctor appointment, or at least the ones he is comfortable with you attending. Not only does this show you are concerned, but it will also keep you in the know of everything that is going on, so you can assist with treatment methods.


Discuss the Different Types of Treatment

There are a few different options for treating erectile dysfunction. Talk with your partner about the pros and cons of each treatment, and be sure to support his decision. If a treatment doesn’t work initially, don’t allow him to give up hope. Push him to continue treatments, and to keep seeing his doctor.


Stand By His Side

The best thing you can do for your man as he is struggling with erectile dysfunction is to simply be there for him. Allow all lines of communications to be open, as you hold his hand and pull him through this rut. Remind him that this is a completely normal issue, and he shouldn’t let it bother him, or allow it to cause havoc in any aspect of his life – social personal, or intimate.


Erectile dysfunction is a health condition most people would rather avoid talking about.  But the sooner you and your man address the issue, the sooner you can resume your fantastic sex life.


Guest author Ron Stromer is a Denver ED therapy doctor.  He has helped countless couples in the Denver area with ED therapy and restored the couple’s sexual health.