How Erectile Dysfunction Can Affect Any Man At Any Age


Image by: Jon Sullivan


Erectile Dysfunction is something men of any age don’t want to experience – and those who have experienced it probably don’t want to talk about it.  It can be traumatic and embarrassing.

Many young people believe that they are not at risk of the condition because they are not old enough. However, this is a preconception that couldn’t be further from the truth, as all men are vulnerable at any age and time in their lives.

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual performance. The typical age range at which men commonly experience erectile dysfunction is 40 to 70 –  but certain actions and lifestyle choices mean that men can be more susceptible.


One of the most significant contributing factors in erectile dysfunction is obesity. Obese men have been shown, in scientific studies, to have lower levels of hormones like testosterone, greatly increasing their chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

This problem is set to continue in coming years as populations become increasingly obese. In the last 25 years the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled.


Furthermore, smoking is another significant cause of erectile dysfunction. Recent studies have shown that men who smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day had a 60% higher chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction compared to those who have never smoked.

Whilst smoking figures suggest that the number of people smoking is decreasing, the number of young people smoking is still significantly high. Figures for 2010 show that around 23% of people aged 16 to 19 are smoking and almost 30% of people aged 20 to 24 are smoking. Ultimately this suggests that younger people are at risk of the effects of smoking like erectile dysfunction.


Going almost hand-in-hand with smoking is drinking. The risks of chronic or very high alcohol consumption are well known and include serious conditions like liver cirrhosis. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by regular, high alcohol consumption.

It is widely known that drinking large amounts of alcohol can affect sexual performance, with erectile dysfunction being a prominent condition. Recent studies have suggested that alcohol is a leading cause of impotence and other disturbances in sexual dysfunction.

Given that a significant number of young men go out regularly, drinking and smoking it seems that they are also increasing their risk of erectile dysfunction. Obviously the simple solution to such a problem is to stop drinking alcohol, but for many that’s easier said than done.

It can be difficult and challenging for the overweight and obese to change their lifestyle significantly and many do struggle. Support from friends and family is of course necessary in all instances and can really make the difference.

There are of course other solutions to the problems, mentioned above, that contribute to causing erectile dysfunction. You can beat some of the problems with Viagra, the most well-known and popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

Have you suffered with erectile dysfunction for any these reasons, and have you got any suggestions to help combat it? Share in the comments.


Chris Tilbury is editor of an online student tabloid and enjoys sport, technology and photography.