Surprising Secrets To Keep Your Marriage Sizzling


 married couple

Being married for a number of years can take a toll on your sex life. Reasons like “I got a headache!” and “I get bored with the same old routine” can certainly break up a marriage, believe it or not. While some people like to think that a humdrum sex life should not be a reason for break-up, it’s sadly a huge part of the statistics involving separated and divorced couples. You and your spouse should not add up to the numbers. Secrets about keeping the marriage hot and burning are going to be revealed and it’s essential that you know what these are.

Mark the Calendar for Your Hot Date


It’s not easy to find time for some loving when responsibilities should be prioritized. A hot date should revive any lackluster relationship. Planning a date does not mean taking away the spontaneity of the moment. In fact, marking your calendar in red makes it more exciting. Make your date special by preparing for it just like when you first started dating each other. Here are some ways to make the date more exciting:

  • Shop for sexy lingerie. You can surprise your man with lingerie that you won’t normally wear or he can shop one for you.
  • Your hot date means hot sex as well. Be naughty and bring something unusual to bed. It could be a new trim or a Cyberskin sex toy.
  • Give each other anticipatory messages. Send an email about what you’ll be wearing, a short text that says “I can’t wait!” during a busy day or just a quick hello to remind about the upcoming date.

Go for an Adventure Ride

Doing it with your husband at the same time and date in exactly the same position can be boring, even if you both enjoy it at times. Doing it outside the house is thrilling for most couples as it brings back the feelings of excitement and adventure. Consider a trip to the beach, book a hotel room for the weekend, or even just consider doing it on the floor for a change. If you have kids, this is the perfect time for them to visit their grandparents and get some quality time together.

Experiment with Each Other


Getting to know a person does not end on your wedding night or during the honeymoon stage. There might still be needs and wants that are unfulfilled and it’s time to ask your husband about what his desires are. At this point, you should be mature enough to accept that what you need will be different from his needs as well, so don’t give him that weird look when he finally spills that he wants to incorporate sex toys in bed. Take that as a hint and buy him a vibrating pussy, or tell him that you have always wanted to experiment with realistic dildos as well.

Communicate with Each Other

Talking to each other about how your day was or why you are frustrated with him today will make marriage (and sex!) more satisfying. Stop giving excuses that you do not want to have sex because of your blinding headache. It’s not even an excuse because sex releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Start conversations with “How was your day, Honey?” and you will find out that lovemaking soon comes naturally after that.

Go for a Quickie and Do it Often


Making love is usually out of the question for busy couples. Passion can ebb quickly and tension can arise when there’s less sex. If you can plan for a quick lunch, you can also plan for a quickie. After all, you can always eat a sandwich while you’re working. Doing it often can rejuvenate you and make you more energetic. The bond that is created during those quick sessions can also progress into a lifelong attachment.

Married couples can go through a rough patch at one time or another. Respect might be a small word for some people, but it can definitely take you places when it comes to maintaining long term relationships. In marriages, it’s always best to speak up and tell your husband what you need. Learn to listen to his wants too and the fire in your relationship will surely keep on burning.

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