Are You A Firestarter? Rekindle Your Relationship!

hot couple 2
Do you remember when you first met? His hands sputtering between nerves and the subconscious sign-language of infatuation, as your eyes search his for subtle signs of interest. You rolled the right words around in your mouth before asking him to dance, admiring his courage or latent skill as you moved around the floor, weaving between a blur of bodies. Fast forward and you can’t wait to get away from each other, connected only by history or a common name. Your body chemistry long ago shifted from a giddy endorphin rush to tired attachment, replacing passion with familiarity. You don’t want to leave, you’re in love. Right?

Between the Sheets: Get in Sync

Reconnect, skin to skin. If your mind wandered directly into the adult store, you’re disregarding an arguably more important component of a physical and emotional relationship. Cuddling, snuggling, hugging, holding each other without words or hesitation, call it what you will. Traditionally advertised as a feminine desire or trait, cuddling creates a conduit for an emotional and physical connection, transcending sexuality and creating an environment of affection and acceptance. Syncing sleeping patterns is ideal, fashioning an ideal setting for honest conversation and skin to skin contact, without the pressure of sexual activity. Take it one step further one night a week and treat your partner to a massage; spice it up using essential oils and body lubricants.

Out on the Town: Get Out. Get Lost. Find Each Other.

If your marriage or partnership has slammed into a wall of reality, take some time out together. Date Nights and weekend getaways are an opportunity to remove ourselves from responsibility, pressure and excuses, encouraging clear communication and exploration. Experiencing your partner in a new context allows you to see how they’ve changed, develops perspective and builds trust; you’re no longer a partner but an anchor, providing security, support and morale. This positive role development will encourage both partners to stop taking the other for granted, increase respect and saddle you with more stories never to tell your kids.

Give Permission: Dust Off Your Lingerie

Sex is often the last thing on our minds, as we wind our way home after the 9-6 grind. Between keeping the calories off and catching up on housework, paperwork or working out why your friends never call you anymore, you’ve lost your sexual self under the slush pile on your desk. Naughty but Nice offers a cheeky collection of costumes and accessories to inspire a hand sputtering, tongue-tied reaction; we often forget men and women have sexual urges, most are often easily fulfilled with a change of clothes, a dash of scenery and a drop of risqué adventure.