LGBT Pride Spotlight: Comedian Jordan Pease

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For most would-be comics, mastering the art of stand-up takes years of hard work.

Twenty-two year-old Jordan Pease isn’t afraid of the hard work – but he’s also clearly not afraid of early success.  In the time that most young comedians are still struggling to find their own unique identity, Pease has already crafted a career as a stand-up, comic writer, columnist, and personality that might be the envy of someone twice his age.  The secret to his early success?  Live your life, watch it closely, and make it a joy to share with your audience.

“Comedy is my cure-all,” explains Pease, an Italian-American who grew up in New Jersey.  Having confronted an early lifetime of pain and disappointment – his father died of substance abuse when Jordan was a teenager, one of many family tragedies – Pease learned early on how to use his comedic instincts to cope with everything.  “I was never the person to cry for weeks,” he says.  “I’d turn it into a joke and laugh about it, have my family laugh about it.”

Drawing on his own family life growing up as well as his experiences as a carefree, gay traveler and observer of life, Pease realized early on as a performer that the key to winning an audience over was having a likeable personality and responding to each audience member.  “My big secret is that I picture everyone in the audience as my friends,” he says.  “Before the show, after the show, I treat them like my friends…I make eye contact, and I figure, my friends are going to laugh at the same things I do,” admitting that one of his trademarks is something many comics consider a no-no – laughing at his own jokes on stage.  “I can’t help it,” he confesses, “I crack myself up.”

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