How To Make Your Dating And Sex Experience Fun


First dates can be stressful, especially nowadays when all the traditional dating rules are changing so fast. Make sure your dating experience is everything you could hope for with the help of the following advice.

Choose an appropriate venue

Going on a date is an opportunity to have great fun, so make sure you choose an appropriate scenario, according to where you happen to be, the time of year and the variety of entertainment on offer. Popular choices include:




Special event such as race meeting




Bear in mind that entertainment events such as cinemas, theatres and nightclubs are excellent choices for those who struggle with small talk or first-date nerves, while more extrovert characters may prefer to display their charms over a leisurely picnic lunch or evening meal.

Take time choosing your dating partner

Whether you are looking for a long-term commitment or a one-off evening of fun with some of the top escorts in London you need to ensure that the girl you are wining and dining is prepared for the same sort of fun as you have in mind. If you want a complete girlfriend experience on the first date then an escort will be more than happy to oblige, whereas a lady from an online dating site, for example, may be looking for something more low-key and long term.

Be clear in your own mind about the level of commitment you are prepared to offer and make sure your girlfriend for the evening understands your expectations, whilst you should be clear that you understand hers too. For the night to be a success you both need to have an enjoyable time.

Is chivalry really dead?

It’s a thorny question for the modern man. Should you open doors for your lady friend and pay the bill for dinner, or will she be offended by this perceived sign of male domination? Unfortunately there is no hard and fast answer and we are all obliged to think on our feet.

Try to pick up cues early on. For example, if you open the car door for the lady in question and she seems annoyed, ask her whether she prefers to open her own door? This may lead to an interesting debate on women’s rights, but at least you will both be quite clear on where you stand.

If you have chosen an escort as your date for the evening you can expect her to enjoy whatever you choose as the evening’s entertainment without complaint, but whether your date is paid to attend or not, take time to make sure that she is enjoying herself as much as you are. That way, you may both be able to take it further on your next outing!

Jennifer has been writing for men’s and women’s magazines, websites and blogs for over 15 years, covering a variety of lifestyle and relationship topics. Currently single after the breakup of a long-term relationship Jennifer is aware of the dilemma facing men when it comes to dating. Whether you are looking to get popular escorts London or searching for a long-term love affair the internet is available to help you find the date of your dreams.