How Sexual Legislation Impacts People’s Lives


Republicans and Democrats are forever at eachother’s throats. One party proposes legislation; another party trashes or counters it. They make huge symbolic gestures and the media jumps in and whips up public opinion by speculating on what will happen if the legislation goes through.

When these legislation ideas are sexual in nature, the results can be as odd as abortions, vasectomies and reverse vasectomies getting some weird political interactions from policy makers. Here then is a roundabout of sexually-related legislation ideas that should hit you above the belt and make you say, “hmmmm?”:

Legalizing Sperm Persons In Delaware

The city council of Delaware voted to recognize the “personhood of semen.” According to the council, every “egg person” or “sperm person” was an equal human being and must be recognized as such by the government. This legislation “personified” and gave equal rights to even 1-day old ovaries. 8 council men voted in favor and 4 voted against.


Compulsory Rectal Exam Before ED Treatment In Virginia

The Virginia Senate was debating the requirement of transvaginal ultrasound scans for abortion-seeking women when one senator (Janet Howell) proposed making rectal exams and cardiac tests compulsory for men who wanted medication for erectile dysfunction. Senator Janet’s amendment was put to vote and it failed to pass muster by just two votes.


Outlawing Reverse Vasectomies In Georgia

The Georgia house was debating banning abortions after 20 weeks when Rep. Yasmin authored a bill that outlawed vasectomies. The reason: Vasectomies leave “thousands of children deprived of birth.” The suggested bill would have sent reverse vasectomy doctors into overdrive!


Senator Nina Turner once introduced a bill that would force men seeking prescription drugs for anti-impotence (Viagra) to undergo psychological testing. The Senator wanted to advocate for a traditional family and therefore, before the men took anti-impotence drugs and produced a new generation, the state should ensure that they were healthy and mentally stable. The psychological counselors should also coach such men about choosing celibacy because it too was a practical life choice. I bet the number of impotent men seeking a permanent erection surgery would have quadrupled had this bill been passed.

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Missouri Wanted To Restrict Access To Vasectomies

Nine female lawmakers in Missouri were livid and up in arms. They were protesting the legislature’s vote, which had rejected Obama’s contraception coverage order. The lawmakers then hit back by cosponsoring a bill that restricted men from accessing vasectomies. Now, that would have sent men who consider vasectomy as a temporary form of contraception, scurrying for cover or migrating to another state. Even reverse vasectomy doctors would have imagined their business crumbling all over the place.

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This is what happens when legislators get into the mood to slug it out. The going gets ridiculous when the laws relate to body parts – the uterus and sexual organs in this case. Thankfully, most of the disastrous suggestions were not made into law.