Sex Tips For Men


Just in time for that hot night of loving you have planned, we’ve put together the top ten must-know secrets for guys to keep their gals satisfied.

Deep or Not?

Don’t go too deep, at least not all of the time. It is a fact that majority of women are most sensitive on the outer part of their vagina. So my advice you would be to try ‘dip’ the tip of your penis in and out and just see what response you get! Try for a few minutes then eventually go deeper.

Forgotten Stimulation

When playing with a woman’s breast or vagina, stimulate other areas such as kissing her neck at the same time; this will give her a lot of pleasure and is perfect foreplay. You can also try kissing her inner thighs.

Take More Time With Your Woman

I don’t just mean in terms of lasting longer when having sex, yes this is good but try spend a little time getting her aroused before having sex. This really will give you the biggest brownie points you can wish for. Women also like to have a little care and attention after sex so if your tired, at least give her a kiss and cuddle to show her she is appreciated and not just when having intercourse.

Tell Her How Stunning She Looks!

Guy’s, don’t say this just for the sake of it, but mean it! Many women do not like being naked as they tend to have issues with confidence about their body or they feel sensitive and don’t feel very comfortable, even if she has been dating you for a while or even married to you, so let her know just how good she looks naked.

The second her clothes come off she feels vulnerable and sensitive. When she undresses, tell her what you love about her body.  And if she tries to turn the lights off, turn them back on to show her she has nothing to be embarrassed about.

Try A New Position With Your Woman

Not only can you have loads of fun trying out new positions, but also you may just find a position that she can’t get enough of. One position I would recommend is the missionary position but with a pillow slid underneath her lower back; she will love the intimacy and also the great feeling that this position can give her and it will not scare her in trying it, after all it’s just a pillow… so give it ago!

Talk To Her

Talk to her whilst making love, even if it’s just intermittently. If you are shy then don’t worry, just let her know why you love making love to her and that you can’t get enough of her. Any woman should really appreciate that you are being caring whilst in the bedroom. Yes sometimes it’s great to be like an animal in bed, but not all of the time, so you should try showing her a caring side.

Cleanliness is Godliness

Guys, make sure you’re clean before you make a move on her or ask her for oral sex.  Women love it when a guy is clean and tidy; it can even be a real turn on, so make sure your clean! Shower, shave, clean teeth and smell good for your woman as she does for you, if she does, that is.

Aim For G-Spot Orgasm

Figures suggest that there are only 30% of women who have ever experienced a g-spot climax, and the rest, well they’re defiantly missing out! Every woman that has experienced this wants to experience it again, as it is pure ecstasy.  So make sure you’re the guy to give her what she desires! In my experience, the best way to achieve this is to use a curved finger, g-spot sex toy or for her to be on top whilst you help her reach her amazing orgasm – don’t go up and down, rub your penis at the back of her vagina.

Enjoy Giving Her Oral Sex

Any woman can tell when a guy doesn’t enjoy giving oral sex, but if they’re prepared to without flinching, then so should you and she will appreciate it if she doesn’t have to ask, but if you just go ahead and do it – try to enjoy it.

Sam is a sex industry expert and knows all about facts and history of sex toys for men and women.