Outrageous Sex Facts That You Should Definitely Know

These strange but true sex facts will undoubtedly have you scratching your head in amazement or at least give you and you’re friends/partner something very interesting to talk about over coffee!



Looking into the history of sex and the facts regarding the vibrator, it was originally used as for ‘hysteria’ and anxiety of women back in the 19th century through orgasm. That’s simply amazing! So ladies next time you use or look at a vibrator just think about what the vibrator was first invented for.


Astonishingly, semen contains small levels of both zinc and calcium, which are known throughout the dentistry industry to prevent the decaying of teeth. So it’s not as bad as some might think!

The Rabbit

The world wide known “Rabbit” sex toy is renowned for two things: giving women an excellent orgasm and great time when needed in the bedroom and the second, a smiley face on the end. This is supposedly due to Japanese consumers not being all too impressed with sex toys that look like phalluses and so the smiley face was introduced. I think this is rather bizarre; however, I’m sure some Japanese people will think that a thing I do or think is rather bizarre due to culture.

Average Penis Size

Not so long ago, men were asked to write down their penis size to provide a picture of what the average sized penis was and being able to establish the type of men who had the ‘longest’. I mean, you can see the issue with this straight away, but currently medical personnel are now measuring the size of men’s penises and recording the size, which I’m sure is much more accurate. Surprise, surprise, the average size was bigger than it is now, with the average size of a penis being five inches. Just to add, it is a myth that certain groups of men are much bigger than others!

Homosexuality in the US

Only recently did Americans accept that homosexuality is just a way of life and that it is natural for some people to fancy same sex people, as rather shockingly, homosexuality was still portrayed by the  American Psychiatric Association as a mental illnesses and wasn’t  until 1973 that homosexuality was taken off of the mental illness list. I can’t imagine this being the case, but unfortunately it is true.

WWII Soldiers

During the second world war, soldiers were told ‘Don’t forget – Put it on before you put it in’, as many soldiers during previous wars brought home diseases that cost the Government millions and caused chaos throughout cities and towns. This is perhaps more common sense; however, I’m sure that the Government are still picking up hefty bills for soldiers returning from overseas operations due to having unprotected sex.

Sex = Brilliant Work Out!

If you don’t like going to the gym for a great work out and to burn off some of those calories that you ate at dinner, why not just have explosive sex – people burn approximately 200 calories if they have just 30 minutes of sex, more if you go longer!

Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque costumes are seen as sexual and mysterious. However, burlesque costumes have not always been glamorous or seen as sexy and were worn for a completely different reason. The Merkins part of the burlesque costumes (the bottom half) were first used as “pubic wigs” by prostitutes in the 15th century. So just think about that if you ever see or put one on for sexual purposes.

The reason for using the Merkins for pubic wigs was to help with hiding pubic lice and syphilis symptoms, which were all too common in those days. Thinking about that, it makes you wonder how many men and women died or became seriously ill because of hiding those horrendous symptoms and diseases.

Hong Kong

This is perhaps one of the most bizarre sex facts out there – Hong Kong enables women to kill their husband if he is adulterous, which is very much over the top. However, women can only do so if they are to use their bare hands – this is very unlikely possible as we all know that men are often stronger than women. I think it’s just a way to say to men to keep it in their pants or else and to give women a sense of protection.

However, what if a woman cheats on a man? I don’t think the same rules apply somehow. In a way it makes a change that women are more protected than men, as on the flip side you have countries such as Pakistan that would stone a woman to death if she is ‘raped’.  I think there has to be a happy medium, like here in the UK.

Banned Sale of Sex Toys

In both Alabama and Mississippi (USA), there is a ban on the sale of sex toys and vibrators, I find this rather weird due to the way that America is in general – in a developed and forward thinking country, you would think that sex toys and the like are readily available, especially in a country where it is legal to posses a gun without a license. At least sex toys are fun and exciting, not dangerous!

Sam is a sex industry expert and knows all about facts and history of sex toys for men and women.