Sex: How It Helps You Attain A Healthier And Fitter You


As most people know, sex is for procreation and for fun.  Others will incorporate sex with love or simply lust. While these two previous statements are correct, many are not aware that sex brings about great and healthful effects to the body. Moreover, sex can actually be used as a holistic approach to becoming healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. To attain a healthy and fit body, you can’t simply require daily exercise, balanced and healthy food. You also need to loosen up.  In fact, doctors would even suggest that people have sex – safe sex.

Increase of blood circulation

Sex is good for the cardiovascular system. During the process, there is an increase of blood circulation. This increase of circulation allows the brain to function better. In this case, the body will develop a better blood supply and receive more oxygen, making the body more relaxed. With the increase in blood circulation, toxins from the body are also cleansed.

Decrease of bad cholesterol

Another advantage of sex for the cardiovascular system is the decrease of bad cholesterol. A lower amount of bad cholesterol would mean that you can have a healthier heart and healthy blood circulation. It is also during this process that fats and calories are burned. In this case, weight loss is at high possibility.

Strengthen the immune system 

Sex is also believed to strengthen the immune system by increasing the immunoglobulin in the body. Studies show that weekly sex increases immunoglobulin by thirty percent. Immunoglobulins are anti-bodies that fight infection.

Helps decrease  dysmenorrhoea pain for women and contributes to a healthier prostate for men

For the women, sex is believed to decrease the pain during menstrual cycle or what is more popularly known as dysmenorrhoea. Although the cause of dysmenorrhoea is still unknown to many, its actual cure is an even bigger mystery. However, sex has been found to be one of the better ways to get rid of the pain. Aside from diverting the attention of the pain, sexual intercourse also tends to relax the muscles releasing the pain and cramps. Periods even become more predictable with the help of male pheromones exposed during intercourse. And for men, sex contributes to a healthier prostate.

Mental and Emotional Wellness

Aside from the contributions of sex in the physical wellness of people, sex also contributes to the mental and emotional aspects of the body. Sex has a calming effect on the nerves, paving the way for a more relaxed body. Stress is also alleviated with sex. Studies show that people who engage in safe sex are happier, relaxed and stress-free. Moreover, regular sex helps you come into deeper sleep therefore, a fresher you.

Increase life span

It may be unbelievable but sex is also believed to increase life span. With its effects to the cardiovascular system, immune system and to the well being of a person, there will be no doubt that the sex will increase health span.

Who would have thought that the act of procreating or the act most commonly attached with the notion of love would give so many benefits to the human body? Health and fitness is easy to attain. On an important note, when we say sex, we mean safe and healthy sex, or else you might end up with a sexually transmitted disease.

Health and Fitness article by FitFarms Women only and Mixed weight loss camps in Somerset, Derbyshire and Dorset.