Can You Afford To Have Sex Tonight?


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Note: These are UK prices.

It’s best to plan ahead when it comes to contraception. Not just to make sure you’re protected whenever you need to be, but also that you’re getting it at the best price. Here’s a look at the options available to provide you with an idea of what is best price wise.

Shop Bought

We all know that guys have it easy. Any chemist or supermarket will have condoms on the shelf. The average price for a condom is 80p in a pack of 12, certainly cheaper than using a condom machine on the spur of the moment. Alternatively your local pound store sometimes offer packs of 3 for $1.00.

Bulk is best. You can stick some in your night stand and maybe one in your wallet so you are always prepared.

Prevention is always a cheaper alternative to the $25.00 you have to pay for the morning after pill from your local chemist.

Femidoms can be bought over the counter for $3.00 for a pack of three so there’s no excuse to not play it safe. Plan ahead and be prepared.

However if you know you are going to be sexually active it may be wiser and cheaper to get to your doctor and see what the NHS has to offer.


The NHS offers 15 different types of contraception for free, for both men and women. You can access this through your local doctor or sexual health clinic.

Free condoms are available in a limited supply of condoms per month, while there is a wide range of female contraception, starting with the pill.

There are also longer term options, like implants, inserts or the contraceptive injection. Be sure to be open and frank with your doctor to help them choose the best option is for you. Don’t forget the $7.65 charge per prescription.


If you want to buy more than 12 condoms at a time it’s a good idea to look online for cheaper deals.

Online pharmacies, which are recognized and approved, can provide you with all your contraceptive needs. Initial prescriptions for oral contraceptives can only be gotten after a consultation with your doctor but repeat prescriptions can be filled online.

Medication that isn’t available through the NHS, like Viagra or Levitra, for erectile dysfunction, can work out to be incredibly expensive. Searching online for the best prices could save you a fortune. For an idea of comparison costs you can check out Doctor Fox who have created an infographic showing viagra mark ups. This gives you an idea of the difference between high street and online prices.

When choosing what contraception is right for you, you should also be considering the costs involved. Be sure to browse around to get the best deal for you so you’re always prepared.

Be safe, have fun and share any other handy money saving tips below.

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