The Truth Behind Sexual Addiction


The advantages of having sex are enormous as it helps you to reduce your weight, reduce frustration, and an increase in endorphins. Sex is the basis for any good, romantic relationship. However, like any other thing, there are some disadvantages in having sex. We hardly discuss the sexual addiction topic; however, research shows that sexual addiction is the same as alcohol addiction or smoking. First of all, we need to understand what sexual addiction is. Having normal sex does not come under sexual addiction, but any excess sexual behaviors are called sexual addictions. Some people have become addicted to sex so much that they will eliminate intercourse and masturbate instead. It has also been observed that with the emergence of the Internet, this problem increases even more.


Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

If you are having daily sex with your partner, it does not come under the  term “sexual addiction.” However, if you are masturbating more than four times in a day, it is obviously called a sexual addiction. The following are a few common symptoms of sexual addiction:


  • When you feel shame about your sexual needs, it is an obvious sign that you are sexually addicted.
  • When you feel that you are thinking about sex too much while working or performing daily household tasks, that is also a sign of become addicted sexually.
  • When you fail to control your sexual desires, it is just another symptom of sex addiction.

Consequences of Sex Addiction

Sex is a beautiful thing if you take it as a normal routine; however, any kind of excessive sexual desires can destroy your personal as well as professional life very easily. One of the main consequences of sexual addiction is often people do not care whether they are having safe sex or not. The risk of having sexually transmitted diseases increases if you are sexually addicted. Another danger of becoming sexually addicted is if your personal life can be stressful when your partner finds out that you are involved in cheating. What happens when your coworkers or boss find that you are spending a lot of time watching porn movies and porn sites.


Treatment for Sexual Addiction

Coming out from a sexual addiction is almost the same as you needing to come out of drugs or alcohol addictions. You have to restrict yourself from unwanted sexual activities such as avoiding watching porn material. You have to normalize your sexual patterns by developing a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Initially, you need to avoid sex completely until the ghost of sex goes out of your mind.


The problem with sexual addiction has experienced a manifold increase during the last few years as the porn material is easily accessible, and gradually it changes our sexual needs. Many people are still not aware about their sexual addiction and are becoming more addictive to unhealthy sexual habits. In order to avoid any kind of dangerous consequences, you need to get yourself out of this addiction and live a normal sex life with your partner.

Sharmi S. is a freelance writer from Hamilton, ON, who motivates people through her writing. She is a seasoned author whose works have been published in many authority sites.