How To Improve The Intimacy In Your Relationship


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There are many reasons why our sex lives dwindle, and having dry patches or moments of frustration are normal for most couples. But what can you do to either prevent them happening or work with them when they crop up?

Believe it or not, your sex life is likely to reflect how your relationship is going. Working late a lot? Too busy and tired or suffering with a low libido? Bored? You need to reignite the fun outside before you bring it inside. Sex isn’t ‘just sex’ for a lot people; it’s intimate and takes trust and understanding. Getting on an emotional par with your partner can work wonders.

Sex Therapy

If things are at an all time low and you’re caught in a romantic cul-de-sac, it’s sometimes best to seek professional help. Talk to a therapist that specialize in relationship counseling and professional sex therapy for couples, and remember you’re not alone.

Map Each Other Out

It may seem silly but often people don’t realize that they fancy something new. But this doesn’t mean you have to break up, it simply means that it’s time to make some new discoveries about who you’re already with. Recommended by Oprah, the foreplay map allows you both to highlight each other’s favorite spots. It may seem a bit scary at first, but it can actually be quite fun! Honesty and openness are key.

It’s not all physical though, finding out each other’s fantasies are also important. Listening, without judgement, can really help you both gain a better understanding

Date Each Other Again

Book that babysitter and enjoy the silence. Ladies, indulge in sexy underwear and choose something that’s a bit racier than you’d normally pick. Guys can treat themselves too; smart new undies and a well groomed body will make you both feel sexier.

Spa weekends away can set you both off on the right foot. Pampering, cuddling and affection can ease you both into your own world. I highly recommend trying to arrange a weekend break.

Indulge In Erotica

You may have heard of a little book called 50 Shades of Grey, but this is only one of many erotica books available. There are many ways to ignite your imagination with saucy literature, including erotic audio-books and kindle downloads. It’s not all filth and it’s not all ‘hard-core’, in fact there are often sections dedicated to loving couples, so try it out! It could inspire a shopping trip should you feel brave enough to go out and buy dildos or handcuffs for playtimes of your own!

Foreplay For Adults

Saying ‘I love you’ when you wake up, a kiss out of the blue, a little touch on the hip; these all contribute to flirting and foreplay. It’s the romantic build up that keeps things ticking.

Those are some of my top tips; I would be very interested in find out some of yours! Care to share?


Susannah Perez is a passionate fashion and beauty writer in her mid-twenties, living a fast paced life and blogging every moment. She writes for Adult Toys UK and at home she loves cooking and collecting lacy garter belts!