Even Out The Odds – The Pros & Cons of the Ménage A Trois


We’d all like to take a walk on the wild side now and then, especially when it comes to sex. But are you daring enough to act out your most intimate desires with a third person present?

An experience most men would kill to participate in; the ménage-a-trois is a hot topic amongst sexually adventurous adults looking to try something new and exciting in the bedroom. But it’s evidently not everyone’s cup of tea and as with everything; it has its pros and cons. Find out how ménage-a-trois can benefit you and what it is that can put people off giving it a go.

Couples Can Add Variety to the Bedroom Without Cheating

Long-term relationships are often subject to the curse of a tediously repetitive sex life and the ménage-a-trois is a perfect way to spice things up. You’d be surprised how many of your friends and acquaintances are willing to try it out – the third participant doesn’t have to be a stranger! By discussing the implications and making rules beforehand as a couple, it’ll help to put your mind at ease; and ensure you are gaining exactly what you want from this experience.

Improve Your Performance

Not only does a threesome have the potential to both excite and surprise, you may find yourself picking up a few new sex tips along the way!

Having a third person present allows you to explore the art of sex from a new perspective. If they’re the same gender, experimenting with bisexuality can satiate previous curiosity and enhance awareness of your own body- and the ways in which you use it.

The Chance To Play Out A Fantasy

This should be one night where you are able to fulfil your sexual desires without fear of judgement, so make the most of it! It’s amazing how much sexual tension you can release from trying something new.

This kind of experience allows you to gain a deeper understanding of what you want from your sex life; maximising pleasure, increasing the release of endorphins and creating a natural high you may not have ever felt before.

Emotional Repercussions

Before participating in a threesome, it is crucial to discuss everything with your partner. However it’s up to you how you react to this scenario at the end of the day. If you’re certain you’d be comfortable with the idea of your partner carrying out a sexual act on another person, you can’t allow yourself to fall victim to jealousy which could severely damage a good relationship.

If the idea of the ménage-a-trois has tickled your fancy, then with the right people involved and a clear head in terms of what it entails, prepare yourself for the wildest night of your life! Keep an open mind, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

There are many items available on the market to enhance this experience, strap-on dildos and other sex toys are proven to maximize pleasure during sex. If you have any tips for couples embarking on their first three-way encounter; share them in the comments below!

Daisy Greaves is an expert in sexual advice, encouraging couples to make the most of their relationship. She writes for Adult Toys UK.