A Lousy Economy Has A Big Effect On Your Sex Life

The economic climate has an impact on most areas of your life, possibly even where you would least expect it. Erectile dysfunction can occur for many reasons, and stress is at the top of the list. Being out of work, having bills pile up and getting frustrating calls from collectors all contribute to basic problems that interfere with performance. If you think about, a lousy economy has a big effect on your sex life.

Overstressed Syndrome

Worry leads to wrinkles, eating disorders, and for men, erectile dysfunction. With the rumor of impending layoffs and an increase in monthly bills, it is no wonder that overstressed syndrome is making its way into the bedroom. The male body relies on blood flow to get an erection. Stress increases the production of certain hormones such as adrenaline. Once these components get into the blood, they force the constriction of vessels that play a major role in sexual performance. Without proper blood flow, the penis can’t get hard.

You can help by promoting relaxation and encouraging your partner to wind down. Remind him to exercise regularly. A trip to the gym will release endorphins that are nature’s way of soothing tension. Jump into the shower with him or offer a massage. The goal is to find ways to get his mind off financial matters and back on you.

Poor Economy – the Great Emasculator

Even in today’s modern world, men still inherently feel the need to provide for their loved ones financially. In hard economic times, he may think that he is less of a man as the bills go unpaid. Facing unemployment or taking a lower paying position will be a blow to his self-esteem. Men tend to define their self-worth by how well they provide. How a man sees himself plays an obvious role in the bedroom.

A relationship is about being a team. Let him know that you take that responsibility just as seriously. Sit down and find ways to cut back on expenses – this will naturally help sooth some of the stress. Couples who resolve issues together are more intimate and that leads to a better sex life.

Worry Takes Over


Sexual function depends greatly on staying healthy. A man worrying about the poor economic climate may stop taking care of himself. He becomes so obsessed with financial affairs that he stops eating right and exercising. His sleep patterns change leading to fatigue and depression. All those things factor into performance, as well. Once things stop happening in bed that worry just increases.

Tell him that one case of erectile dysfunction does not matter, and then talk about the things in his life keeping him off his game. Make plans to exercise as a couple and create healthy meals to improve nutrition.

The penis is a complex organ. The little things in life are enough to keep it from functioning properly. The most effective approach to dealing with erectile dysfunction is to look for triggers. Economy is certainly going to be a factor if you let it.


Eduardo Molina is currently blogging for a urologist. He enjoys sharing information about different ed treatment options and helping men get their sex life back on track.