What Are The Legalities Behind An Escort Service?

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An escort agency arranges escorts upon request from clients. The agency is responsible for arranging the meeting between the client and the escort, as well as collecting the fee for the service. The escort is responsible for setting any additional fees based on the  arrangements agreed upon at the scheduled meeting.

Recruitment Process

Most agencies hold a recruitment interview for any individuals interested in becoming escorts. Many interested individuals hear about openings through referrals or magazine advertisements. Agencies hold a standard on age and appearance, and hire individuals based on certain physical requirements. Applicants are expected to be attractive, but the agency is aware that clients want escorts in a variety of age groups and body types. Agencies typically stick to a specific sex of escorts, therefore, only providing all men escorts or only women escorts.

Once hired, escorts are required to be at the top of their game for each meeting with a client.  Some of the top agencies allow customers to rate escorts based on their services, which may influence a future clients decision when choosing an escort.

Different Services In Different Countries

Each country comes with a different set of laws in regards to escort services. In countries like Canada where prostitution is legal, escort services are allowed to be more relaxed in their business. In some countries in Europe, prostitution is not looked down upon, but rather seen as a respectable tax-paying occupation.

Many countries still have strict laws in regards to escort services, and many are at constant risk of exposure and being shut down. Aside from being shut down, in some countries individuals that took a role in the agency are at risk of incarceration.


In order for escort agencies not to be defined as prostitution rings, agencies make it a point to be responsible only for setting up the scheduled meeting. During the scheduling of the meeting, the agency never mentions any sexual activities that will take place during the meeting, this way any service performed is seen as consensual between the escort and the client. The agency leaves it up to the escort to make any arrangements during the meeting, therefore making the agency only a middleman for setting up the meeting.

If there is a discussion between the client and agency about sexual services, then code is used, so that no clear communication about sexual services for money. Communicating in code is generally used in countries with strict laws against prostitution.

Escort agencies are all over the world, and many deal with constant fear of being shut down or being faced with legal actions. This fear, drives agencies to come up with ways of bypassing legal consequences; therefore most leave it up to the escort to collect additional fees for each sexual service performed.

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