Replenishing Your Partner’s Sexual Self-Esteem


Sexual intimacy symbolizes the ultimate physical connection between you and your loved one. Reaching such an intense level of closeness is a cherished component of any romantic relationship. Sometimes, sexual intimacy can be affected by various outside influences including career-related stress, emotional distress, insecurity, and more. Overcoming these boundaries can definitely seem challenging at times. Luckily, as you read this article, you’ll learn about the various ways to replenish your sex life and boost your partner’s sexual confidence.

Give Compliments and Communicate Clearly
One of the main issues couples face is a communication breakdown. Contrary to popular belief, your significant other won’t always be able to know what you’re thinking, despite how many years you’ve been together. Often times, verbal confirmation is critical in genuine understanding, especially when it comes to the bedroom. To achieve optimal sexual results, vocalizing your desires is essential. Doing so may seem awkward at first, but the outcome will prove to be beneficial and trigger a deeper connection with your partner. Offering suggestions during the act or complimenting a specific move afterward will certainly improve your sex life and obliterate any preconceived notions that blunt expressions may be uncomfortable. Praising your partner post-sex will undoubtedly boost your partner’s sexual self-esteem and prevent sexual performance anxiety.

It’s Only as Awkward as you Make It
Little sexual mishaps, like the loss of an erection, are bound to happen every so often; whether it’s related to stress, exhaustion, a bad mood, and more. The important thing is to not get discouraged and to avoid making your partner feel self-conscious or inadequate. Instead, make it clear that sex is a loving connection that is about more than the simple act. Express how much you love the kissing, touching, and cuddling just as much as the sex itself. If your partner is stressed over work, offer to give him a massage or make his favorite meal to show your genuine love and appreciation. Then, consider trying again after he’s had some down time to relax.

Try New Things
Sometimes sexual intimacy can be affected by boredom. Therefore, trying something new or bold is often an easy and effective fix. While you may not be into kinky toys, simply trying a new location, position or increasing the amount of time dedicated to foreplay can make a substantial difference. Other successful methods include exchanging sexually explicit text messages throughout the day, allowing your partner to pick out something for you to wear in the bedroom, incorporating food into foreplay, and more. All of these simple, extra steps will illustrate your undying desire and love for your man.

Clear Communication and Staying Open-Minded to Improve your Sex Life
Clearly, there are several ways to prevent sexual dysfunction with your partner. While perfect sex every time is unrealistic, clear communication and trying new things will certainly lead to immense improvements in you and your partner’s sex life.

Janice Watson is currently blogging for an Urologist that offers ed treatment options. When she is not blogging, she enjoys relaxing with her family and husband.