Women Carrying Condoms – Don’t Go Out Without One!


It’s 2013 and unbelievably there is still a stigma attached to women carrying condoms. Less so than there used to be but it still exists. It seems some men have a real problem with women carrying condoms believing that they’re ‘easy’ and sleep around a lot. In fact guys with those kinds of outdated opinions are probably not the kind of guy you want to be sleeping with. Condoms these days are a dating essential and all women should take care of their health and carry them. STD’s continue to rise so you really can’t take any chances whether it’s just a one night stand or a regular fuck buddy.


Be Prepared

Carrying condoms should be as commonplace as packing your lipstick and purse. You don’t necessarily have to carry around a 12 pack with you 24/7 but a couple of condoms packed discreetly in your purse is a must. Anyone that tries to suggest that you’re ‘easy’ or giving out the wrong signals by carrying condoms should be ignored. Let’s face it you never know when the opportunity might arise so it’s simply sensible to be prepared. We all know that guys are going to be thankful you’re prepared when the time comes. You’re the one saving them from missing out on a night of passion with you because they didn’t think ahead.

Some Stats

Condoms are now the most popular form of birth control overtaking the pill and of course have the added advantage of protecting you from STD’s. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for women under 50 during 2008-09, condoms were the normal method of birth control for 25 per cent, while the same proportion used the Pill. These figures follow a £5.2 million campaign by the Department for Health to encourage women to carry condoms. However there is still some way to go as 52% of women and 58% of men said that increased publicity around carrying condoms had not made them use them more often have one night stands less often.


So can women rely on men to carry condoms? In face a large majority of men do carry condoms and see it as their role to do so. Fortunately though women are also very good at taking responsibility for their health. The truth is it that men and women have equal responsibility to ensure they’re properly protected. You should also ensure you go for regular health check-ups at your local family planning clinic. Whilst an excellent way to take care of yourself condoms are not 100% effective.

So the advice is clear. Always carry condoms and ignore those who consider it giving off the wrong signals. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your health. Just take all the right precautions and enjoy great sex!