Top Women Sex Toys


Women’s sex toys just keep on developing and making sexual pleasures even more enjoyable and fun. There are a vast number of sex toys available for women with some of those sex toys getting even more advanced than previous; one of the first vibrators available for women in a retail store was a steam vibrator that was available for retail in 1902 and was patented by an American. So even though sex toys for women have only more recently become mainstream the idea and ingenuity behind creating sex toys was established long ago.

Best Sex Toys for Women

The main and most popular sex toy for women that feels and looks realistic is the dildo. Dildos are available in many shapes and sizes and are amongst the household favorites when it comes to women purchasing sex toys. Here are a few examples of dildos that can be found on the internet or on the high street:

  • Doc Johnson Lock double penetrator – this is a perfect double penetrating dildo that can also be used as a strap on with adjustable waist strap.
  • Vibrating Rabbit – this is the classic series of vibrators that not only have different shapes and sizes, but there are also many different functions available to ensure that every woman will enjoy at least one or more rampant rabbit vibrators.
  • Strapless Strap on – a silicone and waterproof strap on that does not require any straps. Both you and you’re partner can interlock with one another and is an extremely exciting and arousing sex toy for women.

Apart from actual sex toys for women, there are sex products that are used for different purposes in different ways and are also more commonly known as sexual enhancers. Some good examples of sex enhancers for women:

  • Virgin Tight Cream – allows women to feel as sexual and be as tight as their first time. So if you’re a woman wishing for a tighter vaginal entrance and a tighter sensation then this cream is for you.
  • Breast enhancement kit – a lot of women feel like their breasts are not big enough and this breast enhancement kit enables all women that want to have bigger breasts, to have bigger breasts by offering the opportunity to maximize cleavage potential.
  • Oral Pleasures Woman – this sexual enhancer product makes licking become even more lustful and pleasurable. This strawberry scented taste along with a scent that makes you even more up for it is the perfect oral sexual enhancer for liking those body parts.

As ever with sex toys it really is a case each to their own so now you have a little more information, off you go and explore!