Top Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys have developed a lot over the past decade as manufacturers within the sex industry have capitalized on the growth of interest in male sex toys and sex aids. Previous generations did not and would not be open about their sexual preferences, needs and wants whereas in the present day men are much more open about their sexual needs.

Improvements are being made to men’s sex toys constantly to try and meet every man’s tastes and needs by striving to find the most stimulant and exciting sex toy sensations.

Realistic Sex Toys for Men

Not so long ago, the most realistic sex toys for men were blow up dolls that didn’t feel very realistic, however this has changed and below illustrates the new types of realistic sex toys for men:

  • Anal Fucker – A realistic and new technology that enables men to feel the same sensation as they would with anal sex. The anal fucker masturbator has a realistic skin feel and really takes a man’s sexual pleasure to a new level.

anal fucker masterbater

  • Tight Vagina Fucker – a very realistic look and feel tight vagina that gives all men that love vaginas a very high sexual stimulus.

tight vagina fucker

Anal Sex Toys

There is a wide range of anal sex toys for men available on the internet and in high street stores. Here are a select few that are amongst the best sellers:

  • Rude Boy – pleasures both prostate and perineum glands all at the same time, giving men a harder erection and the most explosive orgasm.

rude boy

  • Teeze Butt Plug – An anal sex toy that is extremely popular amongst men and features a suction base that is suitable for flat, smooth surfaces.

teeze butt plug

  • Bum Beads – usually consists of up to 10 graduated anal beads that are firm in stiffness.

funky bum beads

  • PH Rock and Roll Balls – velvet to the touch with a flexible movement.

PH Rock and Roll Balls

Other Top Sex Toys for Men

Below is a general range of top sex toys for men that heighten sexual senses and creative a variety of feelings:

  • Penis Strap – the penis (cock and ball) strap is an adventurous male sex toy. The strap is made of soft leather and is designed to stimulate testicles with adjustable straps.

penis strap

  • Doc Johnson Ejaculating Peter Dinger – a perfect shaped and sized dildo that has an ejaculating mechanism. Just fill the pump bulb with cold or warm fluid and squeeze the bulb to release the fluid when desired.

doc johnson peter dinger

  • Doc Johnson Belladona’s Magic Hand – a molded hand that is perfect for getting any male off and giving deep and penetrating satisfaction through fisting and probing.

doc johnson belladonnas magic hand

So as you can see there really is something for everyone, enjoy whatever you find 😉

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