Relax with a Game of Drag Queen Bingo!


Drag queen bingo has taken the world by storm with its wacky appeal and unique entertainment value.  Drag queen bingo offers a fascinating experience for bingo players who are looking for more than a traditional game of bingo.  While many drag queen bingo events are appropriate for children they do give adults an incredibly fun and entertaining way to relax.  These fun-filled bingo events feature drag queen bingo callers who love to throw insults at anyone and everyone – but it is all in good fun.  In addition to bingo games, drag queen bingo offers other types of entertainment including comedy shows and fashion shows.

Drag Queen Bingo Games

The games at drag queen bingo are played just like traditional bingo games but they include some interesting twists and turns.  The bingo callers are dressed in flamboyant drag costumes and this provides an incredible form of entertainment all on its own.  These bingo callers and hosts also love to make jokes about all in attendance.  However, these jokes are made to be light-hearted and are one of the best aspects of drag queen bingo.  Drag queen bingo players are encouraged to eat, drink and even dress up in drag if they wish.  There is nothing uptight or boring about drag queen bingo and that is why it is so appealing to so many players.  Younger bingo players particularly enjoy this form of bingo because it is full of energy and excitement.

Drag Queen Bingo Entertainment

Drag queen bingo events not only offer unique bingo games but they also have other entertainment like fashion shows, comedy performances and much more.  Some drag queen bingo shows include stand-up comedy shows with raunchy and hilarious comedians who are not afraid to cross the line – a perfect show for adults to enjoy.  Of course drag queen bingo would not be complete without a drag queen fashion show.

These shows attract drag queen of all shapes, sizes and styles and these contestants compete for drag queen fashion glory.  Drag queen fashion shows are much more entertaining and exciting than traditional fashion shows as they showcase incredibly wacky costumes and each contestant is filled with personality.  These shows encourage the audience to participate so fun can be had by everyone involved.  Drag queen bingo may also include other types of exciting entertainment like talent shows where drag queens demonstrate their special skills to the audience.

Believe it or not, drag queen bingo players can even enjoy a variety of Broadway shows at drag queen bingo.  These shows are cast with an exceptional crew of drag queens who perform some of the most famous Broadway musicals.  As one would expect, these Broadway shows are not the typical theater performances that are normally seen but they include some added drag queen flair.  Drag queens will wear their very own costumes and tailor their performance to their personalities.  Drag queen bingo shows may also offer quest appearances and performances by famous performers and drag queens.  Many drag queen bingo events also have themes including beach party, 1970’s and much more.  All in all, drag queen bingo shows are exciting, entertaining and perfect for players who are craving and totally unique experience.

Online Bingo Entertainment

For those who find drag queen bingo a little too wild and risqué, online bingo provides a perfect solution.  Online bingo has the fresh and trendy appeal of drag queen bingo but players will still get a more traditional bingo experience.  Online bingo rooms provide players with a wide variety of bingo games including themed games, 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo.  These rooms also reward new players with free money welcome bonuses so they can start enjoying the games right away.

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I’m a professional bingo player and writer. Feel free to share your insights into the game with me – Mike!