Why Choose Escorts Over ‘Real’ Dates? 5 Surprisingly Good Reasons!

The barter dating system, also known as escorting services, have been under serious scrutiny by our society for a long time. While men have to pay for female companionship one way or the other, it certainly becomes a taboo when you decide to pay in cash. Men that utilize services rendered by escort agencies are viewed as horrible misogynistic monsters by some segments of society. However, there are reasons why London escorts and other escort services have grown into such a huge industry…five reasons to be exact:

1. Busy men do not have the time to look for real dates
Men who travel a lot and spend most of their time working find it difficult to meet women. It is rather risky to try to hook up with women at work, and they simply cannot find the time to go to bars, clubs, and other places where they can meet women. Most of these men either turn to online dating or turn to escort services.

2. It is easier, simpler, and outright better to acquire services from an escort agency
While online dating is even trickier than regular dating; going out with an escort is so much simpler. You can even explain your ‘type’ to the agency; you already know how much you are going to spend, and you know what you are getting into.

Also, men are far more open to escorts than they are to their regular dates. Since they are not trying too hard to impress the escort, they can just be themselves for the night and enjoy the evening. Though you still have to treat her like a lady, you simply do not have to lie about how much you make and how old you are. There are no chances of a no-show, you will not face rejection, and she will do all she can to make you look good in front of your friends and/or colleagues. I could go on and on but let’s move onto the next reason.

3. No surprises
This has to be the best reason why hiring an escort is better than online and offline dating. With escorts, there are no surprises whatsoever. You can go into very specific details about what you want from the agency, and at the end of the day you get what you asked for. While this might sound like I am trying to objectify women, but the surprises I am talking about are not limited to physical appearances.
These escorts are professionals that have been trained to handle themselves in formal and casual scenarios. Whether you are headed to a business get-together or a high school reunion, you do not have to worry whether your date will fit in.

4. No heartbreaks
It is time to clarify a popular misconception, men too have hearts, and just like women, we suffer from heartbreak when rejected. With an escort service, there are no chances of rejection. Again, the girls working at an escort service are not forced to do what they do, so the zero chance of rejection is not because the evening is paid for, it is because the girl knows exactly what she is consenting to.

5. It is fun
As mentioned earlier, men are more open to escorts about who they are and what they want. They tell them things they wouldn’t tell someone they met at a bar and are more open physically and emotionally. As a result, an evening with an escort is a lot more fun as compared to an ordinary date.

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