Getting Rid of That New Sex Toy Smell


Author: Jennifer Amato

Latex, Silicone, Plastic, and Rubber, have their own distinctive odor. Manufactures today try very hard to mask these odors by giving many of the products an odor masking spray over. Unfortunately, it normally does not do much to hide the smell. This problem effects the “Jelly” Like toys. Plastic, metal, glass and silicone toys normally do not have any odor. We especially like the Fun Factory Toys which for a softer feeling toy, have no odor.

So the bottom line is that as annoying as the smell is, there’s no danger of it being toxic, and there is no defect with your toy.

Here are some tips to reduce the “New Toy Smell”

Air it Out

When you take your toy out of the box for the very first time let it breathe. Place your toy where it’s going to get fresh airflow across it. The fresh flowing air will definitely help to take away these odors.

So don’t stuff your new toys away in a place that doesn’t have any airflow, also depending on where it’s placed; it may give its neighbor a similar odor.

Wash It Off

Just as important as letting your new toy breath, it’s important that you wash your new toy. The best way to accomplish this is by using one of our new toy cleaners. Before & After Toy Cleaner is great for cleaning and it will help add to life and, more importantly, it will give it a nice fresh scent and keep it looking new.

There are some sex toys that come out of the box with a powdery residue, these include, NeoSkin or CyberSkin.

It’s important to clean these products when you take them out of the box with your adult toy cleaner and as soon as your done cleaning it, you need to replace the powder by applying just a light coating of Corn Starch to it. This will help from breaking down the elements in the toy itself, and keep it fresh.

Although I do not recommend it, you can clean your toy with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Make sure the soap is mild. Detergents used in some soaps can cause damage to the toy and you. If you have any type of irritation after washing it may be because of the soap.

Mask The Smell

Your new toy smell will eventually dissipate over time. If you want the quick fix. Follow these simple instructions:

a.) Clean your new toy with an Adult Toy Cleaner

b.) Rinse your toy in cold water (be careful you do not get any of the circuitry wet) and let it air dry.

c.) Use a Flavored Lubricant to mask the scent. We were told of this a few years ago and it works great! Flavored Lube Change its odor and give it a new one like the flavor of the lube you are using.

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