6 Sexy Surprises to Bring to Bed


Is your sex life slowly going down the drain? In desperate need of something to spice up your nights and have you and your partner eagerly anticipating jumping into bed again? When you’ve gotten down and dirty almost every night, sex can get monotonous after a while. What you need is a curve ball – a totally surprising twist to your sex life to get the ball rolling again. Read on to discover six of these sexy surprises to get your libidos soaring sky-high.

  1. Naughty Nurse or Sexy Schoolteacher

Is your sex life feeling a little sick? Then it’s time to bring in the nurse. And no, we’re not talking about a real one, we’re talking about the one you’ll be once you wear that sexy nurse outfit! Role playing in bed is one of the oldest and sexiest ways to bring the excitement back into your sex life, as it creates that fantasy of being someone else and getting it on with a complete stranger. And it’s done best when you wear the right costumes and bring in the right props. Whether your partner is into naughty nurses, dirty doctors, sexy schoolgirls or bad teachers, donning sexy costumes for these roles is sure to surprise and seduce your partner the moment he enters the room.

  1. Sex Toys

Sex should be fun, and what’s fun without a few toys to play with? You can make your nights more playful, pleasurable, not to mention surprising with a few kinky sex toys. You can buy sex toys from your nearest adult shop online and they can come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. You and your partner can have a lot of fun exploring with vibrators, bullet vibrators, anal toys, balls and beads, and cock rings, and they are sure to keep both of you experiencing new, exciting and satisfying sensations every night.

  1. Adult Board Games

When you and your lover need some time to build up some steam, try an adult board game! These games are definitely not your grandparents’ boring old board games. These games involve an exciting array of titillating foreplay techniques down to riveting, raunchy lovemaking moves that you and your partner must perform. Bring these games to your bedroom and have hours of giggle-worthy game time that are sure to end in hot and heavy love making.

  1. Erotic Edibles

After a romantic candle-lit dinner, why not bring dessert to bed? This will not only bring a sweet end to your meal but also bring sultry sweetness into your love life. Dab some whipped cream onto your delicate parts, or spread some smooth, sweet chocolate all over your bodies for a mouth-watering start to a steamy night. You could also try edible paints for a game of twister that’s out of this world.

  1. Porn

Don’t you dare shake your head and say no way, because you know you want to. Contrary to common belief, porn gives pleasure to both men and women and can add some real spice into your love life. Watching another couple get hot and heavy can get you and your partner turned on and echoing the same action that’s on TV in no time.

  1. Bondage baby!

Want to surprise your lover to the extreme? Try a little S&M action with a bondage kit complete with blindfolds, gags, whips and more! You’ll definitely have one thrilling night ahead of you, and your lover will definitely not see it coming!

Bringing these six steamy surprises to bed are sure to set your sex life aflame once more, but remember, they won’t work unless you bring your confidence and sex appeal into it, so make sure to bring those as well!

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