Does Your Sex Drive Need a Jump Start?


Many people are on a quest for better, more frequent sex.  If you fall into this category, there might be one single instigator for a sub-par sex life.  Your weight.  What does weight have to do with anything?  We’ll tell you.

Influence from the Media

Channel surf for ten seconds or less and you are bound to run into one obvious assumption.  Looking, feeling, acting and being sexy is practically mandatory these days.  Watch for another ten seconds and you’ll get the impression that message only applies to skinny people. 

If you believe the media, the combination of being overweight and being sexy just isn’t possible.  If you already struggle with body image issues, this powerful message can easily throw a wet blanket on even the most active libido.

Medical Conditions

In all likelihood, cultural messages and low levels of self-confidence aren’t the only things influencing your sex drive.  Research shows that physical conditions associated with obesity also affect your sex drive – which can put a serious damper on desire.

According to a recent study at Duke University, 30% of obese people who sought out help to manage their weigh reported problems with sex drive, desire, and performance.

If you are a man, you probably live in fear of the dreaded erectile dysfunction.  If you are an overweight man, chances are you are already more familiar with this condition than you want to be.  Various health issues associated with obesity cause the tiny arteries in the penis to shut down; the result is erectile dysfunction.  A man who has a hard time getting a hard on is going to lose his sex desire real fast.

New information reveals women can experience something similar to erectile dysfunction.  Blood vessels leading to the clitoris can be affected in the same way, making the woman less responsive.

Make Changes to Your Body and Your Thought Process to Enhance Your Libido

Your weight – or perception of how your weight affects your desirability – might have put a damper on your sex drive.  Luckily, you can make some simple changes to your attitude and lifestyle to bring the spark back to the bedroom.

  • Losing as little as 10 pounds can stimulate sex hormones.  Shedding just a few unwanted pounds will free up testosterone and give an almost instantaneous boost to your love life.
  • Manage cholesterol and blood sugar by dining on more nutritious foods.  Switch to a low-fat diet and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Even if you don’t lose weight, you will be making other important changes to your body’s health.  These changes will turn your sex drive around.
  • Engage in exercises that focus on getting the blood flowing in your pelvic area.  Make sure your workout includes moves that increase the blood flow to your thighs, buttocks, and pelvis.  Try yoga, brisk walking or cycling.  You’ll experience more natural lubrication, better arousal, and better orgasms.
  • Grab a sexy novel and turn those pages as fast as you can!  Try reading something erotic for 20 minutes, three times a week.  Potty training efforts and board meetings are not sexy.  If those are the only things occupying your thoughts, there is no room left for sex.
  • Accept your body at the size you are.  The media give the impression you have to hate your body before you can improve it.  This is so not true!  You are more likely to have a desire to improve if you have a positive outlook on things.
  • Most importantly, embrace your sensuality – no matter your size, weight, or appearance.

Guest author Julie Clement writes for various relationship and health sites.