How To Have Sex Outside


Every couple looks for ways to spice up their romance.  Instead of spending a fortune on lingerie and toys, why not take advantage of what is right in front of you?  Have sex outside!

According to Sandor Gardos, Ph.D, having sex outside awakens the senses.  The sex therapist also comments that the fear of getting caught adds a whole new level of excitement!

The next time you and your honey find yourselves in one of these locations, why not drop your drawers and get busy?  We’ll even tell you how to do it!


The backyard is the perfect location for outdoor virgins.  You’ll get all the sensory benefits of an outdoor experience from the safety of your own property.  You probably already know the best spots for extra privacy; take advantage of them!

Pull out a lawn chair and try a reverse cowgirl position.  While your man is sitting in the chair, straddle him so you are facing his feet.  Firmly plant your feet on the ground while gripping his thighs.


Sex on the beach isn’t just an alcoholic beverage.  It is also an amazingly seductive outdoor romp.  Find a secluded area, preferably protected by rocks, and spread out your towel.

Girl on top is the best position for this steamy local.  Dig your knees into the sand as you straddle your man.  This will allow for maximum penetration.


Did you know your skin becomes more sensitive to touch when it is wet?  Probably not.  If you did know, you’d probably be getting it on all the time.  You’ve probably always been turned off by the fact that the water washes away your natural lubrication.  Luckily, there is a simple solution.  Invest in some silicone base lube.

Since humans aren’t able to breath underwater, I guess you’ll have to do this one standing up.  Shove your bathing suit bottom off to the side.  This will allow for quick and easy access.  Then, wrap your legs around your honey’s waist.  Grip his shoulders as he controls the pace with a firm hold on your butt.


Having sex in the middle of nowhere is kind of like being stranded on a deserted island – which is not an uncommon sexual fantasy.  You’ll have to be cautious of the position you use in the boat.  No vigorous thrusting – unless you didn’t get enough sex in the water.

Spooning is a pretty safe way to go.  Lay on your back while your man positions himself on his side.  Lift the leg closes to him and toss it across his body.  Then, swivel so your butt faces him and he can enter you from behind.


The next time you are out on the trail – running, biking, rock climbing – take a break.  You are already hot and sweaty; use it to your advantage.  There is something primal and adventurous about sex in nature.

Embrace your animalistic tendency and go doggy style.  Brace yourself against a rock or tree while your man enters from behind.

Lush grass is just as inviting as a bed and you’ll be hard pressed to find a setting more romantic than the starry sky.  Sex is a natural act between man and woman.  Why not engage in this natural act in the mist of natural beauty?

Guest author Michele Greene is a big fan of outdoor sex.  She works for Custom Corntoss, designing cornhole decals.  Since her life pretty much revolves around having fun outdoors, it is very natural for Michele to want sex in that particular location!