10 Great Movies About Sex


Sex sells. But too little sex and it won’t sell enough, and too much sex and you’ll be lucky to get that picture of yours a wide, theatrical release. But we’ve been watching couples strip down and get intimate for years now, and since sex is such a huge part of life, you can bet that it’s certainly not going to be leaving theaters any time soon.

Sometimes, it makes us laugh. Other times, it makes us cringe. Sometimes, it makes us feel sick to see, or uncomfortable. Sometimes, you have to read between the lines to see it at all! But with movies like Zack and Miri Make a Porno and The Dreamers, it’s important to step back and be able to separate the good, the bad, the bleh, and the “WTF” so you can be a well-rounded, cinematic viewer. What follows is an non-definitive list of some great movies about sex, so enjoy…carefully.

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