5 Best Home Pregnancy Tests on the Market

For some, it takes years to get pregnant, while others get an unexpected surprise without even trying. Whatever the case, finding out that you are pregnant for the first time can make your world spin. Your first step to finding out what the hell is going on with your body is to find a credible home pregnancy test that you can trust.

Given the array of pregnancy kits sold on the market today, it has become increasingly confusing to choose between brands. To help you out, we have summed up five of the most effective early pregnancy tests for your benefit.

1. First Response Test

Consumer Reports has consistently given First Response high ratings as the most effective and accurate pregnancy test currently available.

Like all other home pregnancy tests (HPTs), First Response bases its results on human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, a hormone that is only produced when a woman is with child. Unlike some other brands, First Response has a 95% accuracy rating when it comes to early detection. You can have an answer before you’ve even missed your first period.

First Response is available as a digital reader, where the results are clearly stated with a yes or no, or the manual type, where two lines means positive.

2. Clear Blue Easy Test

Clear Blue Easy easily tops the leaderboard for the digital tests category. According to consumer research, this digital kit guarantees 99% accuracy and is powerful enough to detect hCG hormones five days before a missed period.

3. Detect5 Progressive Test

Generally, HPTs are created to perform a single job: to detect the levels of hCG in a urine sample to conclude if it is a positive or a negative.  But what sets Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy test apart is that is utilizes a 5-level detection of hCG, which means a much more thorough and accurate identification.

Each Detect5 Progressive stick is regulated with 5 varying hCG sensitivity levels that promises a 99% accuracy.

4. EPT Test

Fourth on the list is the EPT home pregnancy kit which has received some of the highest accuracy marks from medical professionals.

What makes EPT stand out is the ease of use they offer to their customers. Created with separate test and control windows, EPT is very easy to interpret and can be used on the first day of a missed period.  Available in Manual and Digital forms, EPT is widely sold in major stores and pharmacies.

5. Error Proof Test

As the name suggests, this brand of pregnancy kit is virtually error-free, whether you opt for it’s digital or manual test forms. The Error Proof test can detect hCG levels 5 days before missing your menstrual period.

The importance of early pregnancy detection cannot be understated. The sooner you find out that you are expecting, the sooner you can start the prenatal care and lifestyle changes needed to ensure your baby’s proper development.

Author Byline: Brenda is a writer for duedatecalculator.org, which offers an Ovulation Calendar and Due Date Estimator, as well as an ancient Chinese calculator for gender prediction by due date.