FaLessia Booker Loves Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down

I really appreciate the unique viewpoint of this book. I consider myself very well-read, and have encountered very few titles that have touched on the topic of safe sex from so many angles. Dangerous Lee handles this subject through a series of informative, eye-catching short stories that made me stop and think. The HIV information appending the stories gave credibility to the title. Surely there is a need to “keep your panties up and your skirt down” with the prevalence of STI’s and STD’s within the global community. Dangerous Lee doesn’t restrict her stories to just the African American experience, but paints a broader picture that includes young, and old, married and single, black and white. The message that she drives home is simple, yet powerful: these issues affect us all, and our ignorance, arrogance and misinformation are killing us!

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