What Women Really Think of Men’s Junk

It is an age old question.  Most men, if not all of them, have pondered it at one time or another.  Is a bigger penis always better?  More specifically, is it necessary and is it something that women desire?  Here are some facts and figures on the subject that might just change your thoughts on the matter. 

In the past we were all told that the average length of a man’s penis was 6.5 inches thanks to many medical books and the media.  When men whose penises were shorter than that average heard this they undoubtedly felt immediately inadequate.  Now we are learning that the stats used to determine this average length were probably flawed in some way.  Turns out that the figures gathered and used for these studies were collected from the men measuring their own penises and sending in the data themselves.  Of course this means that any data received was highly unreliable.  Now that studies are being done properly by professionals the average length of a man’s penis is said to be 5.88 inches for an average adult male. 

But, the question still remains.  Do women really think and feel that this all matters?  The answer is probably not.  To most women, it seems very silly to worry about fractions of an inch.  But, men look at it all differently.  Even though most men certainly have the length and girth to perform sexually they still fret over all this.  They will spend money on devices and creams and pills that will help them gain size.  The business is booming.  If you are one of those men who feel this way there are several reputable outlets to find and purchase items to help them achieve a bigger penis length. 

A man may question the size of his penis at a younger age when he sees others in a locker room situation or his dad’s or older brother’s.  This may cause him at an early age to start questioning whether or not his will ever be the “right” size.  And no matter how many times they will hear that size really doesn’t matter at all to women, the doubt is still there.  Most women find it hard to understand this. 

But, the bottom line here is that if you feel uncomfortable with the size of your penis there are many products on the market that can help you become more confident.  Go ahead and use them.  There is nothing wrong with feeling as if you are at your very best.  And a confident man is a very sexy man. 


Author Byline: Nick Walz is an active blogger and writer who likes to share his advice and tips to the online community. You can contact him on Twitter @Nick_Walz.

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