5 Healthy Benefits of Sex

Although compromise, trust, respect, communication, and understanding are what healthy relationships are built on, a good sex life is also important to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. While many enjoy experiencing sex with their partner because of the pleasures it brings, an active and healthy sex life provides several health benefits for individuals and couples alike.  

  1. Sex reduces your stress levels
    Sex and stress are linked in many ways, the most obvious being that sex helps lower your stress levels. Whether you experience a rough day at work, financial burdens are piling up, or other things in your life have left you feeling stressed out, sex helps you release your tensions and puts you in a positive mood. Also, sex helps you manage your physical well being as it lowers your blood pressure and reduces your chances of experiencing a heart attack.
  2. Sex helps you burn calories
    Sex not only gets your heart rate up, but also helps you burn some serious calories. Starting from the moment you and your partner being kissing to foreplay, undressing and until the second the sex ends, your body does a lot of physical work, helping you burn calories. While the amount of time you spend being intimate and the pace at which you are intimate account for the number of calories, what better way to burn calories than being intimate with your significant other?
  3. Sex helps you sleep better
    Referring back to how sex helps you reduce your stress levels, sex helps you stay relaxed, in which you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Having high tension or anxiety will make it difficult to sleep well. Also, when you have an orgasm, you release oxytocin, which helps you sleep better.
  4. Sex helps you improve your self-esteem
    In addition to the physical health benefits of sex, sex also plays a role in your emotional well being. Sex helps boost your confidence and improves your self-esteem. In addition, if there’s one key to good sex some may overlook, it’s that you must love your body first. While there are many ways to arose yourself or your partner such as by using sex toys, wearing sexy lingerie or using sexual performance enhancers such as a penis pump, if you or your partner is embarrassed by your body, you won’t enjoy sex. When you feel good about yourself and your image, your sex life improves.
  5. Sex helps tighten the bond between you and your partner
    Sex allows you and your partner to tighten your bond and helps you grow a stronger appreciation of one another. When you are intimate, you get to know your partner better and become closer on a different level.

The next time you’re in the mood, remember it’s not just pleasure you and your partner are gaining from sex, but these physical and emotional health benefits as well.

Author Byline: Jillian Johnson is a professional content writer with an interest in writing about relationships. Follow her @MissWritey.