Effective Weight Loss May Increase Sexual Satisfaction

Fat people are usually tagged as “not sexy” because of the absence of a well-shaped body. However, overweight individuals not only suffer from the social stigma of not being sexy, but also suffer from more serious problems regarding their sexuality.  A recently published report indicates that obesity is related to lack of sexual desire, lack of enjoyment of any sexual activity, avoidance of sexual encounters and difficulties in sexual performance.

Obesity greatly impairs the sexual functioning especially of women because having a large body prevents them from showcasing their sexiness. We all know that an important factor for sex is the ability to stimulate one’s partner, and obese women have decreased self-confidence about their bodies leading them to experience various sexual dysfunctions.

A study conducted at Duke University in fact specifies that women who are trying to lose weight report sexual difficulties 25 times more than women who have normal weight. In men, sexual difficulties related to obesity include erectile dysfunctions impairing the ability to initiate an intimate sexual relation.

As discussed earlier, the main cause for sexual problems in women are related to low self-esteem, shame, infrequent sexual activity and even lack of a sexual partner. We recognize that men prefer women with slender physique so not having a sexual partner impairs the ability of obese men and women to express their sexual desires.

In this line, weight loss may just be the answer for the various sexual needs of people who are overweight. Studies report that women who lost weight experienced more satisfying sexual relations and greatly increased their self-esteem in bed. In a like manner, men who lost weight also experienced more effective erections and healthier sexual intercourse.

Also, women who lost weight reported greater frequency of sexual activity and had a better sense of well-being because of their feelings of increased attractiveness to the opposite sex.

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The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Obesity

As much as losing weight may help overweight people achieve sexual satisfaction, sexual abuse at early stages of life may also lead to obesity. It was found that children who experienced sexual assault eventually developed eating problems including binge eating. As a result, people who experienced sexual abuse have a high risk of developing obesity.

How to Lose Weight for Satisfying Sexual Encounters?

There is really no key to losing weight for increasing sexual satisfaction. Weight loss regimes for most people are also effective for increasing sexual satisfaction. However, healthy sex is associated with a great deal of physical activity since exercise improves the muscle tone that is used for sexual encounters. For individuals who want to lose weight and maximize their sexual satisfaction, it is essential to couple proper diet with adequate exercise focusing on strength training and cardio exercises.

In addition, once a person has achieved sexual satisfaction, he or she may use sex as a means of controlling weight. Sex was found to burn calories similar to intense exercise so engaging in regular sex may burn significant amounts of calories. However, some studies also show that sex cannot actually help you lose weight; nevertheless, it is still a good form of exercise to help shed calories from the body.

Losing weight indeed provides a lot of benefits for people. It does not only lead to improved physical appearance, but also leads to an improved sense of well-being, improved physical, mental and emotional health as well as improved sexual functioning.

Losing weight has never been so advantageous so if you want to enjoy your sexual encounters, it would be best to begin losing weight to make the most out of life.

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