Stressed? Have Sex!

Stress is a very big part of the modern individual’s life. And with that, stress can affect a lot of different aspects in our lives. This includes health issues – both physical and mental – as well as mood swings.

There are many ways one can deal with stress, including exercise, yoga, healthy diet, therapy, and medications. But did you know that there is one very enjoyable way that you can alleviate general anxiety attacks? It’s called sex. That’s right!

This is good news for anxiety sufferers who are married or are in a relationship because it gives new meaning to the term “home remedy”.

Studies show that sexual activity, in almost any form, promotes the production of “feel-good chemicals” in our brains. But that’s not all! This rigorous physical activity can be compared to aerobic exercise. While doing the act, it causes you to pant and breathe faster, sweat, and exercise certain muscles. And not only that! It is easy to do and is something everybody generally enjoys.

But it’s not all about sex per se. This also includes what couples in a relationship generally do – kissing and touching, quickies and full-on bedroom action, and even masturbation.

Read on before you make hook-up plans with your better half.

Kissing and touching
It’s not all about the action. It’s also about the little things that you do, such as hugging, kissing, and cuddling.

Studies have proven that when you and your partner touch each other in intimate ways, the activity promotes the production of endorphins and Oxycontin in our brains. The simple act of holding your partner’s hand reduces stress levels. Research and experiments about the power of touch in relieving stress and anxiety have proven the effect of this simple act.

Hugging and cuddling are also credited as simple but effective ways of soothing feelings of unease and anxiety. The effect of hugging even goes beyond the partner. When kids or pets are hugged or held during stressful situations, they become calm.

Kissing’s effect is pretty much like the pleasure we get from eating our favorite food. The nerve endings found on the lips and tongue are very sensitive to even the slightest stimulation, thus kissing produces an explosion of sensations that lead to pleasure.

Kissing, hugging, and canoodling with your partner are probably the fastest and easiest ways to improve mood.

Quickies and full-on bedroom action
Having a quickie with your partner or spending the day in the bedroom cannot miraculously relieve you of anxiety attacks. But it does make the worries go away. Or rather, it helps you worry less.

A person suffering from any type of anxiety or mood disorder  often worries about the littlest of things. It can lead to uncontrollable and irrational worry and anxiety. This is because of the production of some chemicals in the brain that causes imbalance in the brain’s chemical makeup and makes it difficult for one to control one’s emotions and mood.

A quickie or a bedroom romp can’t actually fix that but it can help a lot. You see, during sex the neurotransmitter in the brain produces dopamine which helps balance out the chemicals in your brain. This chemical takes credit for the glow and smile after orgasm. As it spreads throughout the limbic system, it gives you a general feeling of goodness and makes you worry less about the miniscule things that your anxious mind would normally worry about.  

If you are not in an intimate relationship or if your partner is not always home, you can resort to masturbation. It’s not as bad as one might think. It does have the same effect on the brain as a regular quickie or intercourse, but in a rather smaller scale. But still, it works in alleviating stress and anxiety. It produces the same chemical in the brain and generally has the same effect. Plus, the action itself allows for better blood circulation, giving the brain a huge boost of oxygenated blood faster.

With all the benefits of great sex and an intimate relationship, dealing and managing anxiety and other mood and mental disorders can be very easy. Embrace your sexuality and it could lead to a better mental health.


About the Author: Ryan Rivera has successfully fought the wiles of anxiety attacks and is now helping other sufferers by providing free tips and informational materials at