5 Polite Ways to Turn Down Sex

Don’t you hate that awkward moment in a relationship when one person is ready to pounce and the other is cowering in the corner? It sucks to be the one that gets rejected, but it can suck just as badly to be the rejecter. If you have a hard time saying “no” to late-night love fests, some of the tips below may help you out. Here are five polite ways to turn down sex.

1 – Catch It Before It Comes

If you notice your partner making happy-time hints to you, start making excuses to not have sex. Say that you have a stomach ache or that you’re just “too tired” to do anything. You don’t have to make a clear reference to sex. Come up with a little layer of excuses that will soften your partner’s hard drive, and you might not have to worry about turning anything down.

2 – Giggle It Off

When your partner starts making advances at you, just laugh like you think it’s a joke. You might pretend that you’re really ticklish or say something along the lines of “You’re so silly.” This may get annoying if you do it every single time you don’t want sex, but it should work once or twice.

3 – Postpone It for Later

If your lacking desire for sex is only temporary, try to put it off until you may have more energy. You could even use that as a ploy to get your partner off your back, basically giving him or her something to look forward to. “Why do that now when we could have hours to do it tonight?” That will give you a break for a moment, which may be just enough time for you to also get in the mood.

4 – Provide a “Service”

If you don’t want to have full blown intercourse, you could always engage in full blown…well…you know. If you’re good at what you do down yonder, you might be able to wrap everything up in a matter of minutes and then get back to whatever you’re doing. Don’t make it seem like a charity case or a chore. Still come across as an enthused person who just wants to please his or her partner. Once you fulfill your partner’s sexual needs, he or she may not even ask if you want anything in return. Wait, that might not be a good thing in the long run. Hmmm…

5 – Act Like You’re Sick

When your partner starts to make really clear suggestions, you could act like you suddenly have to puke. This sounds bad and will probably look bad, but at least it won’t involve a direct turn down. I would use this as a last resort because it may depress your partner a bit. You just have to be clear that it wasn’t the sex that made you nearly vomit. It was “something you ate.”

Test out the tips above the next time you need to turn down sex, and you should be able to get out of it long enough to build up your desires. Just be careful when you start your pouncing. You may have one of these excuses thrown back at you. 😉

About the Author: Heather Greger is a self-proclaimed sexpert that knows her way around the dating world. She attended college on a nursing scholarship, and now she spends her days working with clients to improve their relationships.

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