New Survey Puts Penis Length Worries To Rest

With penis enlargement emerging as one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide, many men may be questioning how their penises stack up against those around the world. Luckily for men everywhere, masturbation merchandise manufacturer Tenga recently completed a survey of over 500,000 men across the world, compiling penis sizes and determining nationwide averages.

With help from, a male enhancement company specializing in penis extenders, Tenga measured the lengths of penises of men across 17 Asian countries and compared them with data from across the world. They found that Thailand was the largest nation in Asia, with an average length of 13.5cm and South Korea was the smallest, with an average length of 9.6cm. The study also found that Japan comes in ahead of the U.S.; the countries ranked 10 and 11 respectively.

Tenga’s ratings excluded men from Africa or South America, who claim some healthy averages. Republic of the Congo, for instance, claimed an average length of 17.93cm, followed by Ecuador with 17.77cm and Columbia/Venezuela, with 17.03cm.

But while most men, when asked, believe penis enlargement starts and ends with length, women have stated girth to be of more import. According to Physician Keiko Matsumura at the Seijo Matsumura Clinic, thickness and hardness help stimulate the clitoris and vaginal wall, providing more pleasure for women. Most vaginas are only 7-8 centimeters deep, meaning that most penises should be of adequate length. But adding width and thickness can increase satisfaction for both a man and his partner.

Many penis enhancement retailers now offer products for men to test the strength and integrity of their erections, making it easier to tell if penis enlargers, extenders and other supplements are necessary. While enlarging the penis through surgery can make the penis appear longer, using non-surgical means can also impact penile strength and firmness that can help men better satisfy their partners.

This new survey puts to rest many fears men have around the world about their penises being too small. While many men would like a larger penis for a variety of reasons (self confidence, pleasure, satisfaction), these figures may ease feelings of inadequacy for men afraid they don’t measure up. By comparing your penis against others around the world, you can see that what you may see as a small penis is merely just average, preventing unnecessary surgery. For men looking to grow the penis gradually and without medical implications, natural devices and supplements exist. But this chart may give men pause before going under the knife.

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