The Matter with Sex and Relationships

Relationships are always paired up with sex. Others think that sex is really essential in a relationship. It makes the relationship more special as there is constant display of affection. This makes your partner feel that you really love him. They say that when a couple stands the test of time, sex takes on a higher level too. It simply does not dry out. Though many strong relationships enjoy this, others also suffer from boredom and dullness because of the lack of interest in sex. There are some things you should be familiar with so that you can keep the fire burning in your relationship and also boost your sex life.

Things you should learn about

Make sure that you express to your partner that you also want to have sex. Never be passive when you do it but show him that you are also eager in doing it. Look for a position that you are comfortable but also try to explore other positions to keep your partner thrilled and excited. Let your partner know that you are confident with your body. Let him feel that you are comfortable with his touches, grasps, and rubs.  Surprise your partner by blurting out different words that he doesn’t expect you to say. After having sex, it is also necessary that you talk about it. You don’t have to be ashamed of what you did together especially if you’re in a serious relationship. Let your partner know what you want and you don’t want when it comes to having sex. You will see the huge difference after you have opened to one another. Telling your partner what you want to happen and how you want it to happen brings happiness into a relationship even if those things are sexually related.

Making love in a perky way

Sex should never be boring. It should be magical and playful so you and your partner can keep up with the intimacy a relationship needs. Sometimes, ward off from making love on your bedroom. Explore the whole house. Take it to the bathroom or the kitchen. You don’t have to be so conventional. Don’t miss out on being romantic. It always has a way in keeping thing interesting. Check into a hotel room out of the blue. Buy some scented candles. Prepare a bubble bath together. These romantic actions will surely make you giddy and inspired. Just take your time and don’t think about letting out orgasms quickly. When you’re already together for the longest time, these things don’t matter anymore. What matters is that you do it and your partner knows how much affection you have for him. You can either plan a night of making love or surprise your partner that you have planned it ahead. It is still part of foreplay, anyway. You don’t have to make love every night after marriage just to show your partner your love for him. You also need to have breaks so you can recharge. Sex is an essential part of a relationship and as the years go by, it would be nice if you can still keep up with it through more extraordinary ways.

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