Green Lantern is Officially Gay

DC Comics finally revealed which of its top tiered super heroes would be outed after months of speculation from fans.  Green Lantern (yes, Alan Scott – the original Green Lantern) has been rebooted, and in this iteration of the iconic hero, is gay. 

The original Alan Scott wasn’t gay, of course, having been the married father of two that he was. When he first appeared in DC Comics, back in 1940, Scott’s character was the epitome of the family man of his era. But now we are in a new era – one in which it would be deemed socially irresponsible (and commercially dangerous) to be a comic book production company without a strong, manly, brave and homosexual main character.  Especially since rival Marvel Comics got there first.

Marvel outed its X-Men hero, Northstar, as gay a while back.  Many people forget that DC’s Batwoman has been an open lesbian for years now, and that seems to have gotten worse since Northstar came out of the closet at Marvel.  Maybe it’s because Batwoman is, well, a woman.  There is something about not having a gay male main character that doesn’t bode well for either franchise in the current social and political climate.

Still, long time fans of Alan Scott’s character and Green Lantern argue that DC should have totally reimagined the super hero as a whole new identity, rather than changing the background story of the original persona.  This move is sure to turn off a lot of DC fans – maybe more than it attracts.  It’s a bold move for DC to choose such a well loved character to evolve in this way.  But many people are thankful that at least it wasn’t Batman.  Or Superman.  DC left the really big good guys out of this, and that can’t be ignored either.  Some are disturbed that it wasn’t one of the higher profile characters, and that some compromise was made in selecting Green Lantern as the first major gay male hero in the DC comicsverse.

So, when will the movie come out, you may wonder?  Don’t hold your breath.  The world, possibly ready for a gay superhero in ink, will probably be a long time coming around to welcoming his appearance on the silver screen.  Comics fans aren’t quite ready to watch Alan Scott wrapping his boyfriend in a meaningful embrace, even for a chaste kiss.   

Are you an original Green Lantern fan?  How do you feel about DC’s decision to change things up?  Let us hear from you.

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