Celebrity Apprentice Comes to a Close…And the Winner Is?

After a gruelling fifteen weeks of show time and after having eighteen celebrities under a spotlight far harsher than what they are usually used to, Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice 2012 was finally wrapped up on Sunday 20th May with the announcement of the winner. According to Donald Trump the decision was extremely tough as both final contestants, Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall, exhibited excellent leadership, business and communication skills throughout the show. Clay Aiken found his fame as first runner-up in American Idol 2003 and was adamant not to be left in second place again. The comedian and actor Arsenio Hall was best known for hosting the ‘Arsenio Hall Show’, although a Celebrity Apprentice win would change all that.

The Run-up to the Finale

The episode preceding the Celebrity Apprentice finale came with its fair share of excitement. Aubrey O’Day was fired by Donald Trump and was also told that she was totally transparent, a comment that did not sit well with her. After the show, Aubrey had anything but compliments for the real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump. After her dismissal, only Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall remained, each with only one more chance to convince Donald Trump of their superior business skills in order to clinch the Celebrity Apprentice title.

Celebrity Apprentice Finale

For the final Celebrity Apprentice challenge, team Clay and team Arsenio had to host a charity event for their chosen charities, the National Inclusion Project and the Magic Johnson Foundation respectively. Whilst both players were busy organising their events, the previously eliminated Celebrity Apprentice contestants were in the studio live, sharing their memories and opinions of who most deserved to win Celebrity Apprentice 2012.

Clay Aiken’s decided to host a carnival-style charity event that was infused with fun, with team members Penn and Teller doing most of the entertaining. Arsenio Hall’s party did not have quite the same energy, however he did manage to enlist the superstar power of Whoopi Goldberg as an entertainment guest, which most agreed gave the party a better kick. When the two Celebrity Apprentice finalists showed Donald Trump around, Clay emphasised the fact that he was the one in charge, while Arsenio multi-tasked by managing and showcasing the party. Overall, Clay Aiken raised $301,000 for his charity while Arsenio Hall only pulled in $167,000. The previously eliminated contestants also voted for their winner; Dee, Lisa, Debbie and Teresa voted for Clay while only Dayana voted for Arsenio.

At the end however, it was up to Donald Trump to decide on the winner. After much deliberation, Celebrity Apprentice first place was finally awarded to Arsenio Hall, who scored major points for his charity event advertisement starring Magic Johnson himself, leaving Clay Aiken as reality TV show runner-up once again.

Author Byline: Penny Munore is an avid writer in business news and events. Articles include tips on how to rent office space that is green and cost-effective to online marketing trends.