4 Biggest Myths About Sex That Can Strain A Relationship

Author: Ram Gupta

Sex is a big part of any adult’s life. Even if you are not getting any action between the sheets, chances are that you are still thinking about it fairly often. If you are in a relationship, sex may well be the make or break factor. Several studies have shown that when couples have different sexual needs and desires, the relationship does not last very long. In spite of its significance, however, it is remarkable how many myths about sex people actually believe. Here are the top sex myths and their corresponding realities. See if reading through this list eases some of the pressures in your mind!

Men Always Want to Have Sex

A lot of women, especially when they are young, are very nervous about entering a relationship, since they are constantly bombarded with the impression that men are sex-driven maniacs, who will spare no opportunity to get their partners into bed. The truth is that this false image pressurizes young men as much as it does women! Guys are scared to admit to their peers that their libidos are not as super-charged as they are made out to be, and it ends up being the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ kind of a situation.

The reality is that anyone’s sex drive, man or woman (young or old), is influenced by a multitude of factors and generalizations rarely ever stick. It is true that young men often have a higher sex drive than young women, but the difference is not always as vast as suggested.

Your Partner Expects You to be a Sex God/Goddess

Especially if you have the idea that your partner is sexually more experienced than you are, you may fear that you will fall short of their expectations. Guess what? They are probably just as nervous as you! Just because someone is more experienced than you does not mean that they have a better understanding of sex itself, what the opposite sex wants and what they themselves want. In any case, every person is different with different sexual needs, so previous experience is not really a big plus point. If you want great sex in your relationship, what is most important is that you overcome barriers of embarrassment and communication with each other. When you understand each other’s fears, needs, desires and turn-on’s, you will enjoy an incredible sex life.

Sex is for Young People

This is one of the most shocking sex myths in the 21st century. Just because older people don’t talk about it as much and they are not featured as sex symbols in the media does not mean that they don’t enjoy sex! Contrary to belief, older men and post-menopausal women are not deprived by nature when it comes to their sex lives. Yes, sex drive does decline a bit with age, but it certainly does not wither away. What matters more is someone’s habits, lifestyle and mentality.

Men Cheat More

This is one extension of the common sex myth that men have a greater sex drive than women. However, once again, this myth has been busted a number of times by psychologists and relationship experts. Recent studies have revealed that one common reason for this myth is that women are better at keeping their affairs secret.

After browsing through this list of common myths about sex, you already have a better understanding about it. Remember, about sex more than anything else, you should be very skeptical about what is projected in social circles, in movies and on the television and your relationship will never be strained.

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