The King of Erotica Reviews “Self Love and Pain” from ‘Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down’

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Dangerous Lee, DANGEROUS LEEEEE is the song you hear when listening to her fabulous Blog Radio show, but who knew the wonderfully enigmatic vixen had a knack for great story telling? I was in both awe and amazement when reading “Self Love and Pain”. It tells the story of one sexy, take-no-prisoners woman falling in love with a man with AIDS, going outside the norm to find love and finding so much more. She found herself again, discovered love through another man’s eyes and nursed the pain of his untimely death by using vivid and bittersweet memories to tell her mind, body and soul “I Will Always Love You” by shunning other relationships to hold onto the one she had.

It’s both relevant and sad, as I lived through my own moments of love. I am living with HIV and she captured everything a man feels when discovering love again after vowing to never sleep with anyone else when contracting a deadly disease. She single-handedly PROVES that you don’t get HIV/AIDS through kissing, touching and using protection when making love to your significant other. So all the taboos and the mis education of the disease is thrown right out the window. Her story was tasteful and made me curl up in the bed and read, read, read!

I give the story five stars. If Dangerous writes more stories of this nature she just might cause women to hang up their Freakum Dresses, wipe off half the unnecessary make-up and put on beautiful clothes that emphasize their natural physiques, flaunting their natural beauty and going out and mingling with the fellas. And this time, with the advice she offers, ask a man his HIV status. If they can’t produce the proof (being positive or negative on a blot is proof), then they can’t make the decision of still giving him a chance or telling him to “Fuck off!”


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